#FeatureFRIYAY February: Drilldown, suborganizations and more

Another month has gone by, and we can’t wait to share the new features that have been added to the Cumul.io platform! Curious to learn what’s new in Cumul.io this month? Let’s jump right in. 🦘

Drilldown in Cumul.io

When your data contains different sublevels, you’ll want to give your dashboard users the option to drill down into more specific information. Let’s illustrate this with an easy example.

Let’s say you provide a platform where e-commerce retailers can sell their products. You keep track of each retailer’s product sales, per product and per day. However, each retailer may want to have a different view of their data:

  • View sales per month, instead of per day;
  • View sales for a product group, instead of a single product;
    For example: view the total sales for all women’s clothing, instead of a single product item like skirts or dresses.
  • View sales per specific product item;
    For example: view the sales for a new dress that just went on sale this month, instead of viewing the overall sales of all dresses.

Thanks to a new feature called ‘drilldown’, your users can now literally drill down into the level of detail they wish to see. This means you can easily show different levels of detail with one chart only. No need to create separate charts for showing monthly vs daily evolutions, product sales vs. product category sales, and more.

Very efficient if you ask us! Curious to see how it works? Try it yourself in the interactive chart below!


If you want to get started right away, have a look at our Academy article on how to set up drilldown in Cumul.io.

Suborganizations in Cumul.io

Is your company divided into multiple, separate departments? Are you sharing your Cumul.io environment with multiple clients or external stakeholders?

Most likely, in that case you don’t want to allow client A to view or share dashboards with client B. But still, you want to keep full control over the dashboards, and share dashboards with different clients all from the comfort of a single Cumul.io account.

To help you organize your account more easily, we added suborganizations to Cumul.io. This means you can now set up multiple suborganizations in Cumul.io, next to your “main organization”. Users in your main organization will be able to view & share with users in your suborganizations, but not the other way around.

So what does that mean? In the example above, your account manager Tina can share dashboards with her clients – Burger King and McDonalds – but they won’t see Tina as a user in their organization. Ronald McDonald can share with his colleague Mayor McCheese, because they are in the same suborganization, but not with his competitor The King, since he’s in a separate suborganization.

Check out our Academy article for more information on how to set up suborganizations in Cumul.io.

Post-aggregation filters in your authorization tokens

When you’re serving embedded dashboards to your clients inside your platform, Cumul.io’s authorization tokens are a useful asset. An authorization token lets you define which dashboard or data you want to show to each user.

As of now, you can also add post-aggregation filters (‘having’) to your authorization tokens. This allows you to filter on aggregated values instead of on individual records. Let’s clarify with an example.

Let’s say you want to visualize the amount of items sold per city. However, you only want to show this data for cities where at least 100 items were sold.

By adding the above ‘having’ filter to your authorization token, your dashboard will now only display cities that have sold at least 100 items in the dashboard.

Export chart data to Excel

You can now download your data from any chart to an Excel file with the single click of a button! While you could already export to CSV, this new feature will make your experience even more seamless if you’re an avid Excel user.

Webinar: drilldown & suborganizations

Do you want to get fully up-to-speed with the newly added drilldown & suborganizations? Replay our customer success team’s webinar for a detailed introduction.

Which feature are you most excited about? Head over to your Cumul.io account and start leveraging drilldown, suborganizations and more right away!

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