#MeetTheTeam: Rob joins Cumul.io – “Long time fan, first time employee”

We’re thrilled to welcome a new colleague to the team: welcome Rob! 🎉 Even though we had to welcome him virtually, Rob is everything but a stranger to the team. But he’ll tell you everything about it. He left a word of introduction for all of you below.

Hey, I’m Rob! A long time fan of Cumul.io when I was a BI consultant at CSC and later DWH architect at FPS Economy Belgium. And since April, I’m happy to have joined the team as Senior Backend Data Engineer.

Long time fan

As an ex-colleague of Karel and Haroen at CSC and one of the first clients of Cumul.io with FPS Eco, I was in a perfect position to follow its rise from plucky startup to industry giant (ok, we’re not there yet 😉). I knew the idea of Cumul.io was solid. At CSC, I had worked with Karel & Haroen on highly successful data intelligence projects, which had shown its worth already at different clients of CSC, including FPS Eco.

So when Karel and Haroen took this idea and ran with it, I knew they had a real shot at success here and I’d be hearing back from them soon.

And we did!

Hell, that early product was already so good, Karel got FPS Eco to pay for a license while they were still using the BI solution we built at CSC for free! I was already working at FPS Eco at that time, so I was thrilled to be one of very first early adopters of Cumul.io.

The early days were perhaps still a bit rough though. Imagine having to integrate with Cumul.io and not having that lovely developer site as a great reference.

Yeah, welcome to my life a couple of years ago 😉.

Fortunately, the team was just as helpful back then as they are today. The product only got better and more polished from there. I saw the team grow. Product events went from small scale at the office to the real event at great locations (De Hoorn!) that Data Talks is today.

It was clear Cumul.io is here to stay.

First time employee

So why leave the sidelines and join Cumul.io now? While we’d been flirting for a while now, I’m not one to cheat. In the end though, you can’t stop true love.

Everything is excitingly different and new to me; the technology, the processes, the team dynamic,… And that’s exactly what I wanted and needed. I’ve felt that difference since before my first day and I feel it still.

Daily goals!

I actually have full admin rights on my laptop now!

It’s hard work to catch up on everything, but I’m loving almost (screw you wifi drivers!) every second of it. What am I going to be doing for all of you once I’m up to speed?

Make that backend purr of course!

So just hang tight and soon I’ll be serving all of you to the best of my abilities!

Welcome Rob, we’re proud to have you on board!

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