SaaStr Annual 2020 got canceled, but the cloud always meets – let’s still connect!

Due to the spreading of the Corona virus, many mass events & conferences are being canceled out of health concerns. We completely understand the safety measures that are being taken to keep everyone safe, and support the prevention measures to keep the virus from spreading further.

Imagine the following scenario. We’re at the airport, 100 meters from the check-in counter to head off to SaaStr Annual as a Gold Sponsor, our biggest & most important conference of the year. The team is completely pumped, 100% prepared, and at that moment, we read the message saying the conference got canceled.

What would you do in this situation?

At, we had little doubts about what was next: we still head out to San Jose, we bring our energy and make the most out of it! The SaaS community is so vibrant and open, so whether it’s in-person or virtually, our goal was – and still is – to connect with the SaaS crowd. It’s simple: #TheCloudAlwaysMeets.

We’re convinced that many SaaS enthusiasts already traveled to San Jose in advance, so we’re looking forward to making an effort and bring people together at a smaller scale, of course keeping safety and responsibility in mind.

To achieve this, we’re organizing a number of smaller initiatives in the coming week, allowing us to meet and connect.

1. Meet in San Jose

Are you based in San Francisco or San Jose? Or did you already travel to the Bay Area for SaaStr Annual? Now that you’re here: let’s meet! We’d love to invite you over for a coffee and some authentic Belgian chocolates & sweets.

We came to San Jose with a diverse team, so we’re open to share our knowledge and experience on many topics. Growth, product management, data & analytics, sales, marketing, customer success, go-to-market strategy,… you name it!

In addition, is ready to help you skyrocket analytics in your platform! As you can see, we brought the right equipment for it. If you’re curious to find out more about this, we’re happy to explain and show you here in San Jose! 🚀

If you’re up for it, shoot over a message or book a meeting directly in our calendar. We’ll make sure to connect you with the best matching team member.

2. Book a virtual meeting or Braindate

You decided not to come to the Bay Area? We completely understand. Luckily, the cloud is also a great place to meet! Let’s take “where the cloud meets” very literally, and meet up via videocall to chat, share insights, and learn from each other!

You can book a meeting with one of our team members directly in our calendar.

3. Join us for a Belgian Beer Night

On Wednesday evening March 11, we’re hosting an informal gathering in San Jose with some Belgian Beers. Let’s meet up, chat, and have fun introducing you to the Belgian Beer culture.

We’ll share the exact details & location soon, but you can already register and we’ll keep you posted on the specifics!

We completely understand the cancellation of the conference, and support SaaStr organization in this tough decision. Instead of being bummed out, we’re looking at the bright side of things, and would love to explore new ways of connecting with you. Let’s make the most out of this week together!

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