#FeatureFRIYAY February: fonts, a new chart and an improved date filter

February is running to an end. With Valentine’s day just behind us, our developers surely gave some new love to the platform! So we’re back again on #FeatureFRIYAY with some new functionalities recently added to Cumul.io. Curious to learn what’s new? Let’s jump right in!

Posh up your dashboards with fonts!

Showing off your data in a good-looking dashboard is much more enjoyable than looking at plain, ordinary graphs, right? To make sure you have all the styling options you need, we added something exciting to our styling options. We added more than 900 fonts to Cumul.io!

Are you looking to adapt your dashboard style to your own branding? Apart from setting a color scheme, you can now also pick a font that aligns to your corporate identity.

Or would you like to try something a bit more quirky? We have a range of fun, playful fonts to choose from. Cheer up your weekly meetings in ‘hula style’, or add a horrifying look if you want to make a statement. Really, it has something for everyone! 😉 Here are a couple of our favorites:

  1. ZCOOL KuaiLe: a Hawaiian holiday vibe for your dashboard
  2. Butcherman: perfect for the Halloween period!
  3. Caesar Dressing: imagine yourself back in the Roman Empire
  4. Faster One: to really ‘speed up’ your business
  5. Rock Salt: as if it came straight from your favorite artist’s setlist

Now, on a more serious note: apart from selecting a font, you can also choose the font size of your elements or dashboards. This gives you much more control over the styling of your dashboard.

For example in the dashboard below, the labels are almost too small to read. Putting them on “super large”, however, makes them too big for the bubble chart. By selecting “large”, you’ve found the perfect balance!

A revamped date filter

You might have used our date filter before. It lets you select 2 dates, so you can filter the dashboard on the period from date X to date Y.

Date filter

To make the filter more intuitive to use, we added dynamic date ranges to the filter. So, you can now select a predefined range such as the last 7 days or last 30 days. Selecting a custom date range also became more intuitive: the ‘calendar’ view lets you visually choose the time range you want to look at.

Dashboard with dynamic date range filter in Cumul.io

New chart: circle pack diagram

Do you use a lot of different chart types? Or do you feel like you’re running in circles, using mostly the common charts like bar charts & pie charts? To bring some variety to your dashboards, we added a new chart type: the circle pack diagram!

Just like the sunburst chart, a circle pack diagram is perfect for visualizing hierarchies. Each circle contains smaller bubbles inside, which allows you to see directly how the categories relate to each other.

You can explore the data in the circle pack diagram interactively by zooming in on the smaller circles. Give it a try in the chart below! 


Can’t wait to create your first circle pack diagram? Have a look at our Academy article to get started.

What will you try out first?

We’re always curious to hear your thoughts. So, which new feature will you try out first? In addition, any other features you’re impatiently waiting for? Drop us an email, or let us know in the comments! 

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