How to win over any customer with personalized dashboards

Business is getting more and more saturated. But even in this competitive landscape, many companies succeed to be very successful. What’s their secret? Well, successful companies nowadays are usually very good at 2 things:

  1. Their offering is refreshing, and stands out from the competition
  2. They are customer-obsessed

By offering analytics as part of your product or service, you’ll be able to improve both! Here’s how you can win over any customer with value-adding insights.


Offer more value to your customers with visual insights

Imagine you sell project management software. Clients can efficiently plan and follow up on their ongoing projects, but they often come back to you with the same questions: “Which processes often cause issues? Which projects were most profitable? How and what should we optimize across projects?”

Customers need deeper-lying insights across all projects. It helps them improve daily operations and increase revenue. Offering this kind of analytics will let your clients get the most possible value out of your product. You’ll stand out from your competitors because you offer more than a product: you become a true business partner.

But how to offer those insights? Instead of developing a new feature, you can easily integrate dashboards into your own software. You’ll only need to drag & drop a single dashboard, which you can then easily personalize on a client basis.


Increase transparency with live, personalized dashboards

All business success starts with a happy customer. Today, customers want excellent service, great communication and transparency. Having an open relationship with your clients is crucial.

You want to go the extra mile for your customer, and help them develop their business, right? So, show them what they are paying for. Grant them access to a dashboard containing vital insights about their business, to which your product or service is contributing. It boosts trust and transparency: they can monitor what they want, whenever they want, and understand the impact of your product or service on their business at a glance.

For example, you sell marketing software in which various clients set up their marketing campaigns. Instead of editing a static monthly report with their results, or building a dashboard for your SaaS yourself, you could easily integrate a live dashboard like this one, and share it directly with your clients. Within your own application! In that way, you’ll keep them up-to-date with live insights at all times.


Embedding these dashboards into your own application or environment is easy. With less than 100 lines of code, you’ll get the job done. With simple dragging & dropping, you can create your first customer dashboards in minutes. Want to impress your customers with stunning visual insights? Sign up for a 10-day trial to try out our integration features!

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