#MeetTheTeam: Samarth’s internship at Cumul.io

We love interns! This year, we were happy to welcome multiple students to our team. Wondering what it’s really like to do an internship at Cumul.io? Meet Samarth, our sales intern who’s eager to share his experience!


Name: Samarth Jhamb
Studies: 3rd Bachelor in Economics
Enrolled via: AFC, an association run by and for students
Why? Gain real business experience alongside my studies

Setting the scene

On my first day, I immediately received a warm welcome at Cumul.io’s shared office space, provided by KBC Start it. The vibrant workplace, full of people chasing their entrepreneurial dreams got me excited instantly. Little did I know I would even have the chance to watch Cumul.io outgrow this start-up environment. They hired more people and even moved into their own offices!

I was especially interested in gaining some sales experience. My mentor, Bruno, proposed to go through every stage of the sales process during my internship. From prospecting new clients to giving demo’s, and eventually closing deals. I couldn’t agree more, as I was dying to get my hands dirty! To keep focus, we even set a target for me to reach there and then. At last, Bruno shared these motivational – though extremely salesy – words of wisdom: “Always be closing!”

Samarth's targets

My days at the office

In the weeks to come, I was sharpening my dashboarding skills, sitting through screencasts with Thomas and Bruno and eventually giving them on my own! I got the chance to participate in outbound sales meetings, held at the customers’ office. There I was, a 3rd grade bachelor student, interacting with customers and helping to solve their pains. An amazing and satisfying opportunity I can’t thank the team enough for.

As the semester nearly came to an end, my efforts paid off. I managed to make my first sale, instantly crushing my target! Even though we celebrated this with the necessary amount of beers, I knew my learning curve hadn’t reached its limits yet.

Raising the glass to Samarth's internship

I just can’t get enough…

With me having so much fun, and Cumul.io’s plans to hire Mieke as a marketeer, I couldn’t resist to apply for an extra summer internship. This time, I continued to develop my sales & customer success skills. But at the same time, I got the chance to dive into the world of digital marketing.

With the product knowledge I had built up thus far, I was able to assist in designing and implementing marketing campaigns across various channels. Needless to say I learned so much!

Samarth during his internship

Before my internship, I was already familiar with the importance of data-driven decision-making. However, helping customers get actionable insights out of nothing but a structured dataset was a real eye-opener to me.

I guess the learning really never stops when you’re working at a fast-paced company like Cumul.io. And because of the open workspace, you’re constantly picking up discussions between colleagues.  So if you’re a curious student who’s not afraid to ask questions, the sky is really the limit!

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