#FeatureFRIYAY: commenting, drill-down, and a new heatmap chart!

Start the new year with a bang💥 and give your customer-facing analytics a fresh start in 2022! Without further adieu, let’s explore what’s our latest new features! 

Improved collaboration with commenting

Dashboards are a tool for collaboration. They create meaningful insights when users discuss them.

To improve collaboration, we added a commenting feature. Instead of taking the discussion offline, have it side-by-side with your dashboard content.

  • provide context
  • ask for feedback
  • discuss insights and trends

Say goodbye to countless emails, virtual meetings, and endless slack conversations. And say hello to increased productivity in 2022!

Collaborate on dashboards using commenting

Bring the heat with heatmap charts

Imagine a store with thousands of daily visitors. How do they understand what the busiest days and hours are? With vast amounts of data, it’s not always easy to see the big picture.

To that end, we launched a new chart type: the heatmap.

Heatmaps are a great visualization tool to make sense of a high volume of data events like:

  • visitor statistics, e.g. retail stores, events, websites
  • distribution over time, e.g. temperature variation over time
  • distribution of a data type, e.g. the occurrence of a certain disease across age groups

Examples of the heatmap
The color gradients highlight spikes and troughs, generating discussion-worthy insights.

More analytical firepower with drill-down

A great dashboard makes information insightful at a glance. But, what if you want to explore data on a deeper level?

For example, you are analyzing a chart that measures sales by quarter. You’ll want to dig into your best sales quarter to see what drove results. Was it a specific category or sales manager?

You no longer need to reconfigure your dashboards and add new charts to accomplish this. Instead, you can set up hierarchical relationships between data fields and unlock the power of drill-down!

Users can now explore deeper in your dataset from within your chart with the click of a button!

Cumul.io is Momentum Leader on G2

We are proud to announce that for the 5th time in a row, Cumul.io is a Momentum Leader in the Embedded Analytics category on G2! 

We are incredibly grateful to our customers for sharing their valuable feedback. Let’s keep the momentum going in 2022!

Build engaging dashboards: rewatch the webinar

Make your dashboards more engaging with commenting and drill-down! Replay the webinar to get started with our new features. 

Which new feature are you most excited to try out in 2022? Join the discussion, and let us know your thoughts on Discord!

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