‘Dashboard all the way!’ – Cumul.io releases Christmas Playlist Builder

cuMusicalio combines actionable analytics with Spotify Web API to help aspiring DJs everywhere build the perfect playlists

LEUVEN, BELGIUM – 20 DECEMBER – Cumul.io has released cuMusicalio, a free-to-use web application to help aspiring DJs everywhere create the ultimate data-driven playlists. With Christmas just around the corner, the app combines actionable analytics with the Spotify database to help music lovers find the merriest Christmas songs based on individual preferences. Want to know which Christmas song has the most BPM (bells per minute) – the answer can be found here: https://cumusicalio.cumul.io/ 

Such is the popularity of Christmas music, one study found that 42 percent of the earth’s population have, at some point, heard Slade’s classic “Merry Christmas Everybody.” But with so much choice, people often revert to tried and tested classics, overlooking a vast array of merry songs which might well be perfectly suited to a festive occasion. 

cuMusicalio is a Christmas playlist builder drawing from a database of hundreds of songs on Spotify. Via a highly interactive dashboard, users can set criteria according to decade, artist, and popularity, with the closest matches appearing in seconds. Songs can then be played from within the dashboard, or loaded on to Spotify playlists at the click of the button. Once songs have been selected, further information is displayed rating a tune’s merriness, peacefulness, jolliness, and bells per minute (BPM). 

“We have combined publicly available data with cutting edge actionable analytics to create the ultimate playlist builder for all aspiring home DJs” explained Karel Callens, CEO and Co-Founder, Cumul.io. “cuMusicalio is part of our goal to show that everyone should be able to engage with data in a meaningful way. The branding and design of our embedded dashboards is completely customizable, meaning that you can really create anything you want within your own application – plain, corporate, or Christmas kitsch. We’re looking forward to providing the soundtrack to this years’ festive season!” 

Cumul.io works with SaaS companies around the world to embed white-labeled dashboards for their end users into any application or portal. Using a powerful embedded analytics platform that lets customers build interactive dashboards with simple drag and drop, dashboards can be integrated into applications using just a few lines of code. Please try cuMusicalio for free here

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