#FeatureFRIYAY October: new alerting channels, join our community and more!

We added a bunch of new functionalities to Cumul.io this month for you to enjoy! But before we jump into what’s new on the platform, we’ve got some other exciting news to share:

Unite with fellow data enthusiasts: join our online DataSpace community!

It’s finally here: our very own online community on Discord, DataSpace! 🌌 It’s a place to connect with other Cumul.io users and data enthusiasts. Join a crowd that’s curious about all things data, analytics and data visualization!

We are starting this community to bring like-minded experts together to learn from each other. So share what you’ve done, how you’ve approached it, or ask for feedback from the community! You’ll learn about different topics like:

  • Cumul.io events or data-related conferences;
  • best practices;
  • new releases & announcements;
  • data projects that other people have done, or share your own;
  • and more!

If you’re interested, you can become part of our discord community here.

New channels to receive your alerts

Earlier this year, we added the possibility to set alerts to Cumul.io. With Cumul.io alerts, you can schedule automated notifications whenever your data meets a certain threshold.

In addition to sending customized alerts via email, we’ve added a number of new communication channels to receive notifications:

  • SMS
  • Slack
  • Webhooks

Did you know that alerting is also available to any end-user of your embedded dashboards? That means anyone who has any type of access rights to an embedded dashboard can set up their own, personalized alerts via their communication channel of preference.

You can use the new channel manager interface to easily configure which type of channels to enable for your end-users, and even give them the possibility to adapt delivery settings.

Share dashboards & datasets with suborganizations

You can now share dashboards with suborganizations! Let’s say you’re an account manager who manages all his clients in a separate suborganization in Cumul.io. Now, you want to share client-specific dashboards with one of those suborganizations.

It works the same way you’d share with a user or group: simply type in your desired suborganization and set their user rights

You can now simply share datasets and dashboards with that entire suborganization with a single button click. Besides all current members of that suborganization, all future members will automatically get access as well.

That means you no longer manually have to create and update member groups, or share the dashboard with each new member as they get added to a suborganization.

Dynamically show the right currency to your users

Are you serving clients across multiple regions? Then localization is crucial, especially when it comes to reporting on financial or monetary data. Let’s face it, how annoying would it be to have your reports in EUR, when all your finances are done in USD?

To ensure you can serve every customer with reports in their currency, we’ve introduced dynamic currency overrides. This allows you to dynamically set the currency depending on the user who’s looking at the dashboard.

This is what Brad sees, with a budget in USD

This is what Angelina sees, with a budget in EUR

On our Academy, you can find more information on how to set up currency overrides with SSO tokens. Or simply replay this month’s customer success webinar, which explains currency overrides and a number of other overrides to fully customize the experience for your end-users

Easily edit your organization themes

You might be using organization themes to easily apply the same layout to a set of dashboards without having to manually adjust it. But what if you want to give one of your existing organization themes a new look?

You can now adapt previously saved organization themes directly inside the editor. As a result, all dashboards using that theme will automatically update. No more manual work!

New connector for Azure Synapse Analytics

Are you using Azure Synapse Analytics as your data warehouse? We now have a native Azure Synapse connector available for it in Cumul.io. When connecting a new dataset, you can find it in the databases section.

More to come? Check out Cumul.io’s public product roadmap!

Curious what our team is working on to further extend the possibilities with our platform? After presenting our roadmap to our dearest ambassadors on our first Customer Advisory Board, we now made available a public version of our roadmap! Keep track of all the new & exciting functionalities that are currently planned, or under consideration.

Have an idea or a feature request? Submit your feedback through the portal, we value your feedback!

Which feature are you most excited about? Join the discussion in the community!

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