The coolest SaaS building blocks of SaaStr Annual 2021

We brought our rocketship to SaaStr Annual 2021 last week, and went out looking for some of the coolest building blocks & low-code technologies that are hot and happening right now!

Low-code building blocks have been popping up everywhere in the SaaS landscape. Product teams and developers are making the switch to composable architecture to build out new components to their web platform much faster, with much less code. New low-code technologies help make this process less painless. And like there is for embedded analytics, we found a bunch of other platforms to solve other pains you might be dealing with.

Let’s jump right in!

For commerce & payments: FastSpring

We love how FastSpring is changing the game for digital commerce. While Stripe is probably the first platform you think of when speaking of payments, that’s exactly what it does. Payments. What we love about FastSpring, is how it covers the end-to-end buying process. Think of interactive quotes, invoicing, tax handling, subscription management… FastSpring allows you to handle everything within one single platform. And that’s why we love them!

Bonus points: for their full-suite approach. They focus on making the entire commerce process more manageable with their all-in-one solution.

Screenshot of FastSpring platform

For product adoption: Appcues

Imagine the worst thing possible in SaaS: you’ve spent hours of development time working on a new product or a new feature, and then nobody ends up using it. The awesome people at Appcues have found a solution to increase product usage with their low-code toolbox to drive product adoption.

They allow you to very easily build:

  • Product onboarding tours
  • In-app messages & announcements
  • Feedback collection tools & in-app NPS surveys

Bonus points: for their no-code approach. They help developers focus on building out the core functionality of their platform, without having to ignore product usage improvements.

Screenshot of Appcues platform

For customer onboarding: Rocketlane

Customer onboarding can be complex in B2B SaaS, with a multitude of stakeholders involved and an implementation that requires multiple steps. Rocketlane’s software aims at taking away all the friction for your customers – and your team! – during onboarding processes.

Rocketlane is a platform to plan, manage and follow up on your customer onboarding projects from start to finish. What we love about them it that it’s a collaborative tool: it’s a shared environment with your customers, so no more emailing back and forth!

Bonus points: for their branded portal: you can fully adapt their portal to your style & branding, so it seamlessly becomes part of your product experience.

Screenshot of RocketLane platform

For content management: Contentful

We love Contentful because they truly have a modern take on content management. Because of its powerful integration capabilities, it’s a true building block for all your SaaS company’s content needs. Whatever you need, they offer the full suite:

  • Localization of your app, web pages or content;
  • A centralized knowledge base;
  • Managing content on your website or mobile apps;
  • and more!

Bonus points: for their API-first approach. It’s easy for developers to deploy, while non-technical end-users can make the most out of it. Exactly the way we love it!

Screenshot of Contentful platform

We had a blast discovering these great low-code platforms at SaaStr Annual 2021! So, what are your favorite building block tools? Let us know in the comments! 👇

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