This was Data Talks US 2021!

Transforming all your data into interactive, easy-to-use reports is no walk in the park. Especially for SaaS companies who want to bring personalized insights in front of thousands of users, it comes with a ton of challenges.

Last Thursday, we hosted our virtual Data Talks conference in the US, in order to help SaaS companies better deal with the challenges of a growing data stack.

A big thank you to everyone who joined us to learn from the best, and got inspired by real use cases. In case you missed it, you can read through our quick summary below. Or otherwise, relive the entire thing: the recordings are available through our YouTube channel!

So without further ado, this was Data Talks 2021.

Main stage: Building out your data and reporting stack

The talks on our main stage focused all around the frameworks and tools to build out client-facing reporting for your SaaS platform or application, including real use cases.

Amongst others, we had interesting talks and conversations on how to:

  • monetize your platform & analytical features with Proposify
  • select the right BI tool for your SaaS with LeaseTrack
  • implement and scale client-facing reporting, including real use cases
  • build out your entire data stack with Panoply
  • recent releases and roadmap ahead for the platform

Missed your favorite session? Access the recordings of the main stage below.

Building blocks track: The most innovative tools to speed up development

This was our first time hosting a second conference track, centered around ‘building blocks’. More specifically, tools and software components that can be configured to provide a certain feature or purpose inside your own platform.

For this first edition, we curated a set of innovative tools that we believe are worth sharing, and help you truly speed up development.

Auth0 presenting at Data Talks

No other than James Q Quick of Auth0 opened the stage, and explained the importance of building genuine connections with developers, and how developer content & developer tools can make their life easier.

After that, 5 phenomenal speakers showed through live demos how fast you can build something with little to no code:

  • Build onboarding programs with UserGuiding
  • Build enterprise apps with embedded dashboards with Betty Blocks
  • Make scaling & managing databases easier with Fauna
  • Build SaaS integrations with Hotglue
  • Build a multi-tenant analytics application using & Auth0

If you’re ready to start building, check out the recordings below. And see for yourself how you can build amazing stuff in under an hour!

Ready to get more out of your SaaS data?

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