#FeatureFRIYAY April: alerting and a new library for Vue!

We’re excited to announce a range of cool new things you can now do with the Cumul.io platform! We’ve made it easier to take action on your data, and our integration became easier for developers using Vue. Read all the latest updates below!

Set alerts on your dashboards

Being on top of your data is crucial, whichever industry you are active in. For example, what if one of your products is running out of stock, and you noticed it too late? Or as a manufacturer, a malfunctioning sensor has been capturing false data for weeks?

In such cases, it’s exhausting to monitor your dashboards continuously for updates. Wouldn’t it be easier if you got an automatic warning from your data dashboard when a specific event occurs, a certain goal or KPI is reached, or a threshold is passed?

With Cumul.io‘s new alerting feature, you can now set alerts for specific events, all from within your dashboard. Send immediate notifications via email to anyone that should be notified, and start taking action on your data faster!

You can set up alerts for a specific chart by clicking the top-right icon in that chart. You can fully customize the triggers for your alerts:

  • Choose whether you are notified if your metric equals, exceeds or drops below a certain threshold
  • Choose whether you want to track these changes for the sum of all values, an average, a rate, minimum, maximum, etc.
  • Specify additional filters, for example the year or month in which your alert needs to apply, a specific category to which the alert should apply,…

To give a few examples, alerting can help you to:

  • set up an alert when your revenue hits a certain target;
  • get notified when the inventory of a specific product line drops below a specific number;
  • receive emails when the average temperature of a cooling unit exceeds a specific temperature;
  • and many more examples!

Do you want to get started with setting alerts on your dashboards? Our customer success team shows you all the cool tricks! Replay the webinar below, and get a detailed walkthrough of how to set up alerts in Cumul.io.

Embed Cumul.io dashboards in Vue with our new Vue library!

Is your web application built with Vue? Then our integration just became even easier for you. We created vue-cumulio-dashboard: a reusable Vue component for adding embedded dashboards to your web application fast.

Our Vue component is currently in beta, and published on npm. If you’d like an interactive example, check out this Sandbox example of a Vue integration that uses the npm package. To get started yourself, simply download the package from npm, and embed dashboards into your Vue application in a flash!

Note on support for Internet Explorer 11

In January, we announced structural improvements to the Cumul.io application. Linked to these software improvements, support for integrated dashboards in Internet Explorer 11 has now been officially deprecated as announced.

Are you excited to start setting up alerts on your dashboards? Or looking forward to play around with our Vue library? Start using these new features right away!

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