#FeatureFRIYAY March: rounded corners, a new Python SDK and more!

Another month has come to an end! We’re excited to bring you up to speed on some Cumul.io news, and a bunch of new features that were added to our platform. Read through all things new at Cumul.io below.

Cumul.io awarded Momentum Leader on G2!

Before diving into any new functions in the platform, we want to thank all our clients & partners for their continued support. We are proud to have been awarded Momentum Leader in Embedded BI on G2, and it wouldn’t have been possible without you!

With continuous improvements to the platform, we’re determined to keep our momentum going and bring the best analytical experience to you, seamlessly embedded in your own platform and tech stack.

Now without further ado, let’s look at some improvements that were released in March!

Rounded corners in Cumul.io

You can easily spot the typical look and feel of traditional BI and data visualization tools. Yet you don’t want to offer dashboards to your clients that have ‘old-fashioned’ written all over them, right?

At Cumul.io, we make sure your dashboards seamlessly fit inside your platform, while looking absolutely slick and stunning. Therefore, we now added rounded corners to the customization options. Set rounded corners to your charts, and add padding to make them look even nicer than before!

Are you already excited to give your dashboards a fresh new look? It’s really simple to adapt. Simply open your dashboard, look for the chart settings, and you’ll see two brand-new slider bars: ‘Rounded corners’ and ‘Padding’.

A brand-new Python SDK for Cumul.io

Are you an avid Python user? Then you’ll be excited to hear that we have published a Python package on PyPI. It is an SDK to access the Cumul.io Core API directly in Python.

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for data science. Needless to say, this new SDK will make it a lot easier for teams whose code base is in Python to adopt Cumul.io as a part of their tech stack for data analysis.

The package allows you to do everything you’re used to with the Core API: creating Cumul.io clients, authorization tokens, datasets, columns etc. So, if you have a data analysis pipeline written in Python, you’ll now be able to feed this data to Cumul.io by accessing Cumul.io straight within your original code stack, without having to worry about a middle layer.

To install, you will need Python >= 3.7, and then simply run pip install cumulio. For more information, check out the open project on GitHub, or find code examples in our developer documentation.

We have TypeScript Types

This month we have also added TS types to our npm package for the Core API! We will continuously be improving the types, but for avid Typescript users out there this should be a breath of fresh air! Enjoy the IDE prompts and the smooth integration of Cumul.io into your application.

To install simply npm install cumulio. For more information and examples, checkout our GitHub page.

Higher resolution for chart exports

Do you regularly export charts to PNG or PDF? We increased the resolution of chart exports, so your charts will look sharp and clean everywhere. Whether you want to send them via email to your stakeholders, message them to a colleague over Slack, or share them with the world via social media!

Feature Highlight: Bi-directional communication

Cumul.io makes embedding a dashboard super easy. Yet once these dashboards are embedded, there’s so much more you can do with them!

Thanks to bi-directional communication, Cumul.io dashboards deeply interact with the platform they are embedded in. Trigger actions from within the dashboard to your platform, change elements on a dashboard from within your platform, or trigger data-driven actions based on the data inside your dashboard.

In this month’s webinar, our customer success team will highlight all these different options with clear examples. To learn how you can set up bi-directional communication between your platform & dashboard, simply replay the webinar below.

Can’t wait to explore these new features? Go to your Cumul.io account, and start polishing your dashboards with rounded corners, or make your coding life easier by installing our Python package!

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