How Selligent Marketing Cloud built an actionable reporting module for marketers

With ever changing circumstances, marketers constantly have to adapt their marketing strategy to stay relevant. And to do so, they need a good understanding of their data: what’s working well and what isn’t?

In this article, we discuss how Saas company Selligent Marketing Cloud powers their reporting module with’s embedded analytics & whitelabel dashboard editor and helps marketers improve their marketing with reporting dashboards that immediately allow you to send out optimized campaigns.

Selligent originally presented this content at Data Talks 2020. Watch the full session below:

Introduction to Selligent Marketing Cloud

Selligent Marketing Cloud is a marketing automation platform, used by some of the largest consumer brands like L’Oreal, Burger King, and BMW. Their platform allows marketers to build up multi-channel campaigns, and improve the way they communicate with consumers. As a result, Selligent enables its users to execute a more effective, and personalized marketing strategy.

The Challenge: Give marketers a toolbox to report on their campaigns

Selligent is clear on their mission to help deliver better, personalized marketing. But in doing that, analytics play a crucial role. Cedric explains why:

“The world is changing all the time. Just think of the pandemic: retailers are moving to online sales, restaurants need to offer take-out. These strategic decisions have a big influence on how our clients do marketing. And if their strategy changes, it’s even more critical for them to understand if their new strategies are actually delivering results.”

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

To properly support their clients, Selligent needed an additional layer in their platform to provide insightful reporting dashboards.

But to stay competitive compared to other marketing automation platforms, they asked themselves the question: “In which shape can these reports bring the most added value to our clients?”

Amongst others, they had to ensure their reports were relevant across different industries like Retail, Travel, Automotive, etcetera. Because each industry has completely different marketing strategies, this also asks for entirely different reports and insights.

To tackle these challenges, Selligent partnered with to provide a reporting layer embedded in their SaaS platform that gives full control to their end-users: digital marketers. That way, their clients are fully in the driver’s seat.

The Solution: an actionable reporting module

Selligent partnered with to provide a double reporting layer in their platform:

Marketers are no data scientists, nor are they developers. So the main requirement was that the dashboarding should be as easy to use as possible. For Selligent, this was exactly what set apart from other vendors.

“We considered a few other platforms like Tableau, Qlik Sense and Power BI. These tools can give you pixel perfect dashboards, but they are quite technical. As a result, our users would need training or specialization to be able to build their own dashboards, which wasn’t an option. The flexibility and ease of’s dashboard builder was unmatched in any other platform we evaluated.

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

Dashboards with a fresh look and feel

On top of that, the look and feel mattered a lot: they wanted a sexy and fresh look for the dashboards. Marketers are creative at heart, so having stunning dashboards that are fun to create would hugely boost the usage of their reporting module.

When Cedric told us about his choice for, he made an interesting comparison with the iPad. When Microsoft launched their tablet in 2001, it was a great product but it didn’t have lots of success. It was super powerful, but it was basically the same thing as a computer, just smaller. Apple, however, changed the game with its tablet. It had less features than the tablet, but it had a really fresh look and it was so much easier in use.

“Just like Apple’s iPad could convince a lot of people to start using a tablet device, also non-technical people, is doing the same thing with dashboards. By choosing instead of the bulky BI tools, we have high confidence that our clients will heavily use the feature to build dashboards on their own, just because it is so easy and fun to use.”

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

How? The roll-out of their reporting module to customers

In order to effectively launch their client-facing reporting module, Selligent had a three-phased setup:

  1. Roll out general reporting dashboards to all clients
  2. Roll out white-label dashboard editor to clients in premium pricing tiers
  3. Add a layer to create & target email segments directly from the reporting dashboard

1. General reporting dashboards for all clients

In the first phase of the roll-out, Selligent launched a reporting dashboard to all of their clients. Since marketers widely consider reporting a core feature for successful email marketing, they did not provide this as an add-on, but rather as an available feature for all end-users.

Specifically, they embedded reporting dashboards that are consistent across all clients. Marketers can use the dashboards interactively and filter by time or campaign. These dashboards give marketers basic insights into the communication “happy flow”, with straightforward metrics such as:

  • Delivery rate
  • Spam score
  • Open rate
  • Clickthrough rate
  • Conversion rate

“Since we had the data in place to visualize all of these metrics, we immediately decided to add prebuilt dashboards for our clients to the platform as soon as we started working with Because is so intuitive, we were able to build this relatively fast, adding value to our clients right away.

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

2. Let clients create their own custom dashboards

As a next phase, Selligent is currently rolling out a white-label dashboard editor that allows a marketer to build dashboards him or herself. This feature will be available as an add-on for clients, which allows them to further monetize the data in their platform.

This step involved a bit more data modelling to ensure that the datasets are user-friendly for marketers. Cedric highlights how important it is to prepare your data before creating dashboards:

“While we were creating our standard reporting dashboard, we noticed how important it is to make the datasets business user friendly. If marketers would build dashboards on their own, starting from these datasets, we needed to make sure they were as easy to use as possible. And that’s when we realized we needed to revise how we provided our data in our datasets.”

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

Demo example of a whitelabel dashboard editor with Selligent branding. Note this is solely for demonstrative purposes and in no way an exact representation of the actual Selligent module.

3. Allow marketers to target a segment directly from the dashboard

Selligent will soon introduce this dashboard builder to their users, so they can start building their own custom dashboards.

But as a cherry on top of the cake, they are working on an extra functional layer that lets users create & target segments, immediately from within the dashboard interface:

“We thought: Wouldn’t it be great if you could drill down in your email marketing dashboard, and then immediately create & target a segment in Selligent based on your selection? After a successful proof of concept with, we achieved to set this up with the single click of a button!”

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

Thanks to that setup, they create a loop of continuous improvement for their clients:

  • Create and send out a campaign
  • Monitor campaigns in the general reporting dashboard
  • Build up your own dashboard to deep-dive, or look at the campaign from a unique point of view
  • And finally, take action on these insights by starting a new campaign that is optimized on past performance

The actionable dashboards are not in production yet, but Selligent is currently productizing it and sees a lot of potential:

“These actionable dashboards are truly innovative in our sector, and will set Selligent Marketing Cloud apart from many of our marketing automation competitors.

Cedric Spaas, Consumer Intelligence Manager at Selligent Marketing Cloud

Demo example of creating a segment in a dashboard. Note: this is solely for demonstrative purposes and in no way an exact representation of the actual Selligent module.

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