#FeatureFRIYAY January: Cumul.io in multiple languages, multi-factor authentication and more!

New year, new features! We’re excited to update you on our latest additions to the platform. Let’s have a look at what’s new in Cumul.io this month.

Cumul.io now available in multiple languages

Do you want to use Cumul.io in your native language? Or maybe you’re just a polyglot who likes to switch between multiple languages? Whichever one, here’s some great news for you! Apart from the default English version, the entire Cumul.io application is now available in Dutch, French and Spanish!

Simply go to your ‘Profile Details’ section in Cumul.io, and change your language preference. Hoera! 🎉 ¡Qué guay!, n’est-ce pas?

Improved performance for the entire Cumul.io app

This month, we released a major update of our app’s frontend, which is now live for all Cumul.io users! 🥳 You won’t notice huge changes in UI or look and feel, but thanks to this update, you’ll experience way better performance when navigating the platform.

Not only is it quicker and smoother in use, this frontend update also enables the development of new exciting features, such as the translations we just added!

⚠️ Linked to these software improvements, we will deprecate support for integrated dashboards in Internet Explorer 11 as of 30th April 2021. Users who try to access an integrated dashboard in Internet Explorer 11 will see an error message, asking them to switch to a supported browser.

Multi-factor Authentication

Keeping your dashboards safe and securely stored is vital to us. Therefore, we added multi-factor authentication to Cumul.io. It provides an extra layer of security to keep your accounts safe.

You can enable multi-factor authentication for your account below ‘Profile Details’. Download an Authenticator app on your phone (Google, Microsoft or Authy), scan the QR code, enter 2 consecutive codes and you’re all set!

New features for text object & area charts

We’ve added new functions to a number of charts!

Starting off with text objects. If you don’t want to show the scrollbar in your text objects, you can now hide it with a simple toggle. In addition, you can adapt the text box padding entirely to your liking.

Next to text objects, we also improved the area chart. Area charts now support a manual or variable axis range. Set your own custom minimum & maximum value for your axis, in case you want to change the displayed range for the best visual effect.

Improvements to the date filter

Our date filter object improved this month, with new features to try out!

Firstly, the date filter is now easier to use on mobile devices. Just like the rest of your responsive dashboard, the date filter now has a slick display on every device!

Secondly, you can now add date ranges in the future. If you want to set a custom date range for the “Next X days” or “Next X months”, you can now easily do so within the UI. This is great for monitoring predictions or future targets!

New alerts when using deleted columns or datasets in a filter

Your data can change over time, which means you may delete certain columns in a dataset – or even datasets as a whole – from time to time. However, when not paying attention, this might cause your dashboards to break!

What if you were using this data column in a filter? In that case, you surely don’t want to waste time going through every dashboard’s filters to check which ones are broken.

Luckily you don’t have to, thanks to filter alerts for deleted columns & datasets. Whenever you are using deleted data in a dashboard filter, you’ll now see a big red alert in your filter overview. This makes it much easier to spot errors in your dashboard filters.

Feature Highlight: Formula editor

Do you want to do certain calculations or transformations on your data that is already inside Cumul.io? Derived columns are a great way to enhance your data directly inside Cumul.io! In this month’s webinar, our customer success team shows you how Cumul.io‘s formula editor makes even the toughest calculations a piece of cake! 🍰

Rewatch the webinar below:

Which new features are you most excited about? Go straight to Cumul.io and start leveraging these new additions right away!

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