Introducing: the Portal

Today, we are celebrating! Today marks’s 5th anniversary. 🎉 Five years of dashboarding fun with a kick-ass team & wonderful customers. To properly celebrate that, we had to do something big, right? Spoiler alert: one big release is coming right up!

Our past five years have been dedicated to a single mission: making data insights easily accessible for anyone. What we’re announcing today, is nothing but a continuation of that mission.

Without further ado, we introduce to you: the Portal!

What is the Portal?

The Portal is your very own reporting portal. It lets you gather your company’s most important dashboards and KPIs, all in one place.

The goal of our portal is to help you make new data insights accessible to anyone in your organization, or to any stakeholder. Easily adapt the user rights, so that your colleagues, clients, or other stakeholders are only able to see the dashboards you want them to see.

Have access to your latest statistics whenever, wherever. Get insights while at work: open the portal on desktop or even pin it as your browser homepage. But also on-the-go: pin on your mobile homescreen and add the Portal as an app on your cellphone!

Why use a reporting portal?

In contrast to standalone dashboards, a reporting portal has many advantages. With the Portal, you can:

  • Centralize all KPIs and dashboards in one place;
  • Manage who has access to which dashboard;
  • Share a single link to the portal with anyone in your organization, instead of having to share separate links with each colleague for each dashboard;
  • Pin your portal as a shortcut on your cell phone, to have access to your dashboards anytime, anywhere.

Many large enterprises have their own portal, intranet or application where they keep all their information, and embed reporting dashboards. But what if you don’t have such an interface to gather your dashboards?

Now, you can simply use the Portal for all your reporting needs. It’s a first step towards embedded analytics. Just without the hassle of developing your own app or portal to embed the dashboards in.

Embed dashboards in your Portal without any intervention of IT. Move faster, and start sharing insights today!

Get exclusive early access to our Portal

To celebrate our 5th anniversary, we’re now opening up exclusive access to our portal for all of our clients. We appreciate your valuable feedback: let us know how you like the portal, so we can keep improving it.

Are you a current customer? Log in to your account right now, and navigate to the ‘Profile’ > ‘Portal’ section. Your journey of creating reporting portals starts right here!

If you’re not a customer and interested to try out our portal, this is your lucky day! For a limited time – starting today – we’re giving free exclusive access to all new users as well. Start your trial today, and test our portal.

How does it work?

Create your dashboards in with simple drag & drop. When you’re ready, create a new portal & add the dashboards in just a few clicks. Create different pages for each department or group of users, and add as many dashboards as you want to each page.

Are you excited to see the portal live in action? Join our webinar on 29th October for a complete walkthrough of the Portal! Register via the form below.

7 templates for dashboards & datasets

So, you’re excited to start building reporting dashboards, and stay on top of your business! But you don’t really know where to start?

We’ve created a set of template dashboards for you, combining the most important metrics for SaaS companies:

To build these dashboards with your own data, simply use our Google Sheets Templates, which provides the structure for your dataset.

How to use these templates?

  1. Make a personal copy of the Google Sheet
  2. Fill the spreadsheet with your company’s data
  3. Upload to as a CSV, or using our Google Drive connector
  4. Make a copy of the template dashboards in
  5. Drag your data onto the dashboard template

Add them to your portal, and start sharing insights with any of your colleagues.

Do you want to learn more about, and our new reporting portal? Let us know, or book a demo straight away with one of our product experts.

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