Our Cumul.io logo evolved. Just like our platform.

About 9 months ago, we said goodbye to our square-orange logo, which had been the face of our company ever since we started 5 years ago. We announced a fresh new branding, inspired by our original logo and everything it stood for.

Just like a baby, we’ve been carrying it around for 9 months, and we’ve grown to love it. Today, 9 months later, it has fully evolved. 👶 As a result, we’re excited to share a next phase for our logo. One that reflects our growth path, and what we continue to stand for.

You’ll still recognize our familiar icon, slightly adapted with more sharpened edges. So you might wonder: why the change? And why this shape? Let’s walk you through our story.

It reflects our mission to help you accelerate

Looking at our new logo, you’ll immediately notice it has become sharper. It has the looks of a paper plane. A fighter jet. Turn it on its side, and you’ll recognize the bottom half of a rocket.

This is exactly the idea we were aiming for: acceleration. At Cumul.io, we want to help you accelerate. In order to truly skyrocket, your SaaS needs to focus on its core business. Let us help you succeed, by accelerating the development of a dashboarding module. Our ultimate goal is to help you grow your revenue, by giving your customers the insights they need.

We aim to be your “building block for dashboards”. Hence why our logo represents the bottom half of a rocket. Cumul.io is a supporting factor in your growth to become a best-in-class SaaS platform.

Why a rocket-shaped logo?

If you’ve been following Cumul.io, the idea of “skyrocketing your business” through analytics will probably sound familiar. Let’s just say that, we’ve grown fond of our Cumul.io rocket earlier this year. It has become a mascot that reminds us of our goal: helping SaaS businesses accelerate! 🚀

Everything’s changing. And so is our logo.

At Cumul.io, we dare to believe that real growth happens step by step. To illustrate, our platform also doesn’t change overnight. Continuous improvement every day compounds into great progress. The same thing happened to our logo.

We wanted to give the idea of “acceleration” a more prominent place in our branding, because it’s core to our brand. Therefore, changing our logo was a natural evolution.

The world is changing every day. Our product changes every day. So why keep our logo static? 😉

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