#FeatureFRIYAY August: Custom events in more chart types, images in number object and more!

A good dashboard helps you make better decisions. In other words, you want to be able to take action on your data immediately. This month, we added more features that help you do exactly this, directly within your own dashboard. Discover what’s new in our platform this month!

Custom events now available in more chart types

Last month, we introduced custom events to our platform. In short, a custom event allows you to select specific data in your chart, and then trigger a custom action on that data. Whether it’s opening a more detailed dashboard, exporting the data, or sending out a targeted campaign to the data selection.

Up to now, custom events were only available for a couple of charts. This month, we updated a bunch of charts to support custom events:

  • Area chart
  • Line chart
  • Combination chart
  • Scatter plot
  • Open-high-low-close chart
  • Candlestick chart (or kagi chart)
  • Bullet chart
  • Choropleth
  • Circular gauge
  • Symbol map
  • Sankey diagram
  • Alluvial diagram
  • Sunburst chart
  • Circle-pack diagram
  • Pyramid chart
  • Conditional number
  • Table

Below we’ve included an example of custom events in a scatter plot. Imagine you have a Spotify dashboard that plots energy and loudness of popular songs. With custom events, you could make a selection of the energy and loudness levels you prefer, and add that song to a Spotify playlist right away.

This is just an example, it could be any other action you like. Pretty neat, right?

Feature Highlight: custom events webinar

Custom events is a brand-new feature. So before diving in, you might want to learn more about it first. Our customer success team covers everything you need to know about custom events in their 15-minute webinar:

  • What are custom events?
  • The advantages of custom events in integration
  • How to create and use custom events
  • Showcase: using custom events in integrated dashboards

Missed the webinar? Simply watch the replay below.

Images supported in number object

A few months ago, we gave a major revamp to our number object. This included more flexibility on font size, type of evolution graph, chart alignment,… Or even add icons or emoji to make it more visually appealing!

We noticed more clients wanted to enhance their charts even more visually. Some of them even added images to their number chart, using custom CSS. It shouldn’t be that difficult, so we decided to make it easier for you.

Here comes image support in the number object! You can add a background image to your number chart, or simply add an image in icon-size. All from within our UI, with a few clicks! No more CSS hacking needed 😉

New webinar series: Monkey Business 🐒

We’ve been doing our monthly product webinars for a while now. On top of that, many of you are active in SaaS, and are constantly on the lookout for new advice to scale your SaaS business.

To promote knowledge sharing within the community, our leading women in sales – Nata & Hela – have started a new webinar series: Monkey Business. As they’ve always been “curious monkeys” by nature, they will be interviewing a SaaS leader every month to discuss challenges and opportunities for growing your SaaS business.

In our first episode, we interviewed Patrick De Pauw from Social Seeder. He explains how they generate new revenue for their SaaS business. Amongst others by monetizing the data inside their platform.

Are you a curious monkey too? Then check out the recording below, or stay tuned for our next webinar!

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