How to add value with dashboards for education platforms

Do you have an education platform? Dashboards for education platforms can help you to take your platform to next level by offering your customers useful insights – often defined in KPIs. Providing these insights will lead to a lot of benefits for your company such as:

  • more informed end users, because education platforms can provide them with more insights,
  • higher end user satisfaction, because the extra insights provided by dashboards will help in creating more value for them,
  • more loyal customers
  • a competitive advantage, because you can use dashboards and extra insights to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

But what insights can you offer your clients? We’ll point out some examples in this post to give you some inspiration! 

Which courses are the most popular? 

Give your customers the possibility to see the total users and new users of their classes. This is an easy insight to find out what their most popular classes are, and which ones aren’t. With these insights, it is easier to make changes to the less popular ones.


How is your education platform being used?

The users are the most important part of an education platform. So, it is important for your clients to understand the behavior of their users. Some interesting insights that you could offer your clients concerning the usage of their platform by employing dashboards for education platforms are:

The time that your customers’ users spend on their platform. This gives them amazing insights because they can see how many minutes people are using the platform. Or even more specific, how long they’re spending on a specific course per week. Because of these insights your customers can easily find out on which courses their customers are spending the most time. With this information, they can try to find out why their users don’t spend as much time on one course as they do on another one. 


Your customers will probably also find it interesting to know how long it takes their users to finish an online course. This also gives your customers the possibility to see how many users actually quit the online course. If the ratio of users who quit is higher than expected, they can find out why this is and try to make this go down by making some changes in the class.  


Are users passing their courses?

Another interesting insight that you can offer to your clients is insights on the average completion and the completed courses. This is a great way for them to get a clear view of the completion rate of the classes they offer their users. They can find out why their customers aren’t completing some classes as much as others. Once the obstacles in the courses are found, your customers can update these classes to get the completion rate up. 


One insight that you can offer your customers that may really help is a clear overview from the users that passes, failed, or did not attend their end exam. If for example, they see that the number of people that failed a class is higher than usual they may need to find out why this is so that they can make the needed changes so that the failure rate will go down. 


Before your customers make a change to their classes because they have a high failure rate, it is important that they check the correlation between the attendance of the classes and the results. If one of your customers’ classes has a high fail ratio but a low attendance, they should probably try to fix that first. 


Are your learning platform users satisfied?

Your customers may have many users, but the question is; are their users satisfied with the courses that they followed? Because having many users is one thing but if they aren’t happy, they probably won’t recommend the platform to their friends and family. So, it is important that your customers know the opinions of the users of their platform to guarantee the best classes. So, offering them insights about the satisfaction of their users will be of value for your customers.


Bring value-adding insights to your education platform with

Altogether, there are a lot of possible insights that you can offer your clients. Offering your clients insights about their users is a great way to keep them loyal. This is because you give them the opportunity to upgrade their courses to the needs of their users. For more inspiration, check out these education dashboard examples.

Dashboards will give you and your clients a competitive advantage. For you, because you can offer them all the data and insights they need. And for your clients, because they can respond better to the needs of their students.

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