#FeatureFRIYAY March: a React component for Cumul.io dashboards and more!

March has been an eventful month, to say the least. From our remote offices, our team has continued to work on adding new features to the Cumul.io platform and API. Let’s have a look at what’s new!

New integration capabilities

A React component for Cumul.io dashboards: react-cumulio

Are you using React as a framework for your web app? Then our integration just became even easier for you. After launching our Angular component, we are now launching react-cumulio: a reusable React component for adding a dashboard integration to your web app.

Our react-cumulio library is currently in beta, and published on npm. In addition, you can find an example of a React integration using the npm package on stackblitz.

Are you curious to start using the React component for embedding dashboards in your application? Then you can easily download the package from npm. Check out our Academy article for more information, or follow one of the 2 tutorials on Github:

More functions added to our Integration API

We added a range of new functions to our Integration API. Specifically, these functions will make it easier to execute certain actions in your dashboard integration. After launching the ‘reloadDashboard’ funtion last month, we now also added:

These additional functions can be useful in many use cases, for example when using bi-directional communication with an integrated dashboard. Have a look at our developer documentation to get started with the new API functions.

New features in the dashboard editor & UI

Bulk actions for dashboards & datasets

Imagine you have over 50 dashboards and datasets in your account, and they all need to be shared with a new user in your organization. If you would have to share them manually one by one, this would take up so much valuable time.

Thanks to bulk actions, you can now bulk share or bulk delete datasets and dashboards. Simply use the select icon to start sharing or deleting in bulk!

New styling options, offering more customization

We added more options to tweak your dashboard styling directly from within the UI. To start with, you can now set font sizes in pixels. Set a ‘base font size’ for your entire dashboard theme, or tweak the font size for specific items in your dashboard, like chart titles, tooltips, legends or axes.

Extra styling options in Cumul.io

Apart from the font size, we added other customization options such as:

  • Changing the shape of the legend to square, circle or rectangle
  • Modifying the background color of your tooltips
  • Adapting the line height for titles & legends

Extra styling options in Cumul.io

You can apply these tweaks to the whole dashboard via the ‘Settings’ tab, or to individual charts via the ‘Item’ tab.

Update database connections directly from the UI

Last month, we made it possible to modify your database connections via API. As a next step, you can now also update database connections directly from within the UI.

You can do this either via the dataset modal, or via your connected accounts page. This will make it easier to make quick changes to your database connection.

Adapt database credentials in Cumul.io UI

New COVID-19 plugin

Worldwide, COVID-19 is impacting our way of living and working. To help citizens stay informed at all times, we opened up a public plugin with COVID-19 data from the John Hopkins University to Cumul.io. This data source is accessible to any Cumul.io user.

Or, if you don’t want to dive into the dataset yourself, you can also use our public COVID-19 dashboard to stay up-to-date on the latest status of the virus outbreak.

Feature Highlight: Timezone webinar

Last month, we introduced our powerful timezone feature, which will automatically display & aggregate data based on the time zone your users are in.

In this 30-minute webinar, our customer success team explains:

  1. Why to use timezone and how it enhances your data
  2. How to set and change the timezone in Cumul.io
  3. How to use timezone in an integrated dashboard

Don’t worry if you missed the webinar, you can simply rewatch it below:

Can’t wait to try out these new features? Go to the app, and start exploring them right away! In the meantime, follow our Cumul.io Release Notes on Twitter to stay tuned on the latest updates.

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