Remote work: our tips in times of COVID-19

The outbreak of COVID-19 is giving companies a hard time. Many companies are taking their responsibilities by temporarily closing their offices or finding alternative ways of working. Mostly, this results in moving work online and working remote. 

Making this switch is not evident for every company. You may be wondering what is the best way to do this, and which impact this will have on your company.

In the SaaS industry, remote work is not unfamiliar for most of us. Therefore, we’d love to share some creative tips, tools and experiences to work as efficiently as possible as a remote team during these times of quarantine. And especially: how to keep your company culture and team spirit alive when being apart.

Tips for internal communication in times of remote work

Communication with your colleagues on a daily basis is essential, even more so when doing remote work. Internal communication platforms such as Slack, and video calls can facilitate this.

What works well for us is to have every colleague write down their ‘daily goals’ and ‘daily sign offs’. This way, everyone stays up-to-date on what the team is working on. In addition, a final ‘sign-off’ helps you to disconnect & really end your working day.

Another thing that helped us is to create a ‘virtual coffee corner’. It’s a place for colleagues to ask questions or just have a fun chat when you feel the need to talk to someone.

Our 'coffee corner' in times of remote work

Additionally, as an analytics company we firmly believe that data can make a big difference to keep your business informed. To keep business going as usual, KPI dashboards help you to stay on top of the latest trends and changes in your business. Especially in these unusual times, real-time dashboards will guide you to make data-driven decisions, and shift your priorities for the better. It helps the team to align, to think and to act in the same direction.

Tips to communicate with clients in times of remote work

As in-person meetings are to be avoided right now, your company can rely video calls, emails and chat communication to stay close to customers. And even more so, now is the time to really get close to your clients. People look for social interaction in these times of quarantine, so show to your clients you are still there for them. This will help you build a strong relationship of trust, which continues when things return to normal.

The same thing goes for prospects. Almost all trade shows and events are canceled, but this is the perfect timing to get in touch with people virtually. At for example, our SaaStr conference got postponed at the time we were flying in. We made the best of it by moving our in-person meetings and networking to video calls. We reached out to fellow booth holders through email, to introduce ourselves and connect with them over this joint challenge.

Similarly to what we discussed for internal communication, you can also make use of dashboards to keep your clients informed at all times. Even though you see them less, this still allows you to report towards clients in real time. This way, you can give your clients the information they need, and use these insights for remote business reviews or status updates.

Lastly, as remote work is freeing up more time you’d otherwise lose on commuting, clients will now have more time than ever to learn new things. Therefore, a good tip can be to invest time in online courses and documentation to support your clients. At for example, we use an online Academy and organize monthly webinars to stay in touch with clients. This is a great way to support clients at home with training materials.

List of tools for remote work

Luckily, the cloud supports many businesses to keep business running as usual. There are a lot of cloud tools that can help you to efficiently organize remote work. Here are just a couple of our favorite tools:

In these uncertain times, you might also look for tools which inform you about the spreading of the virus, in addition to remote work tools. We created this COVID-19 dashboard, which is publicly accessible, so you can stay informed and up-to-date with the latest statistics regarding the virus outbreak.

How can your company help during COVID-19?

To round up, in times like these, solidarity is key. Many solidarity initiatives are being organized by entrepreneurs. On top of that, businesses are sharing their expertise through free content or free access to certain tools, to support businesses to stay operational. This is a great time to think of ways your company can be of help to both consumers and businesses.

How are you handling the unusual circumstances of COVID-19? We’d love to hear your thoughts and tips, share them in the comments below!

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