#FeatureFRIYAY January: dark mode, a new dataset modal and more!

We hope you’re ready for the first 2020 edition of #FeatureFRIYAY! To kick off 2020 in style, we gave Cumul.io a new look with the launch of our new logo & branding. But also on the product side, there are a number of updates we’re proud to share with you!

Let’s have a look at what’s new in Cumul.io this month.

Use Cumul.io in dark mode

Working behind a screen all day can get tiring for your eyes. So for the fans, we added dark mode to Cumul.io! It’s easier on the eyes, it’s less distracting, and of course… it just looks awesome!

Give your productivity a boost and try out our dark mode in the dashboard editor. Simply browse to your profile settings to switch between light and dark mode.

Follow our release notes on Twitter

Wish it were #FeatureFRIYAY every day? If you don’t want to wait until the end of the month for our product updates, we have great news for you.

You can now follow our brand-new Twitter account: Cumul.io Release Notes. Any updates, whether big or small, will be posted on this channel to keep you up-to-date on new releases, bug fixes and any other relevant product updates.

You can also subscribe to the RSS feed, or add the feed directly to your Slack channel. Never worry about missing a single update again!

A brand-new dataset modal

Adding data to Cumul.io just became more intuitive. We redesigned the dataset modal when adding a new dataset. This new modal has many advantages, among others:

  • Get direct access to your most frequently used connectors
  • Easily browse our existing connectors through the search bar
  • Navigate easily through the different data connection options such as local file upload, databases or your own plugins

Direct support for materialized views in PostgreSQL

Are you using materialized views in PostgreSQL? You can now use any materialized view you’ve created in PostgreSQL directly in Cumul.io.

By using a materialized view, you can precompute joins & aggregations in your dataset. So, instead of uploading 3 datasets and linking them in Cumul.io, you can now do this directly in your database using materialized views, and simply use that view in your Cumul.io dataset.

The advantage? Lightning-fast dashboards! The performance of your dashboards will improve a lot, so it’s definitely worth considering this approach if you’re using PostgreSQL.

Updates to our integration SDK

To make the integration into your platform even more seamless, we added new functions to our integration SDK.

To change authorization in a dashboard, you can now swap the token in use in an integrated dashboard using our Integration SDK. In that way, you can update your dashboards with new filters or parameter values, without having to reload the iframe. Check it out in the gif below!

This is particularly useful if your users can make specific selections within your own application. As soon as the user makes a selection, the changes will be applied directly to the data in the dashboard. All without a full reload!

Add demo data straight to your Cumul.io account

New to Cumul.io, and still trying to find your way around the dashboard editor? You can now make use of our Demo data plugin, to explore Cumul.io in a quick & easy way!

The plugin provides mock data so you can start dashboarding quickly, simply to get a feel of the platform or to test your use case.

Know someone who might benefit from Cumul.io? This is the perfect way for them to get started & explore. Plus, if you refer your friends to Cumul.io, we’ll offer you a gift reward!

Feature Highlight: Angular component

After last month’s webinar about styling your dashboards for a seamless integration, we’re highlighting our new Angular component for integrating Cumul.io dashboards this month.

In this webinar, our customer success team will explain how you can integrate dashboards in your Angular application in minutes, through the use of this simple component.

Is your app built in Angular? Then watch the full recording below!

Which new feature are you most excited about? Go to the app and start exploring them right away. Stay tuned for new updates in our next #FeatureFRIYAY, or by following our Release Notes on Twitter!

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