#FeatureFRIYAY December: looking back at 2019

While 2019 is coming to an end, we’re preparing for new exciting things to come in the new era. We’re looking forward to continue working together with all of you in 2020!

The holiday season is the perfect moment for a shout-out to all of our clients & partners: we’d love to thank you for your trust in Cumul.io & our platform.

So before we head off into the new year, let’s take a little trip down memory lane. Let’s look back together at the milestones we reached in 2019: new features, new updates and more!

1. Integration improvements

Parameters ⚙️

With the arrival of parameters, our integration became even faster and easier!

Parameters help you to set integration filters in a much more intuitive way. The result is a way less complex integration code. Check out the code examples below and see how the number of lines drastically shortens when using parameters!

For more info on how to use parameters, you can watch this short video.

Bi-directional communication 🔁

Our bi-directional communication feature lets you trigger an action in your platform, directly from within your Cumul.io dashboard.

We created a live example of a marketing application to show how bi-directional communication would work for your app. In this case, you can filter out a specific target segment in the dashboard, and then target them directly with a campaign in your platform, all through a single button-click!

New pricing plans for integration 💸

Our pricing plans changed for the better this year. All our plans now include integration features & full API access by default. We also created 2 special plans to kick-start your reporting integration:

  • Startup plan. A heavily discounted plan for early-stage companies that exist less than 2 years and have less than 10 employees.
  • JEP track. A two-month proof of concept with guiding workshops to get your integration up and running. Did you manage to push your integration to production within those 2 months? We’ll deduct the cost of JEP from your annual license!

Angular component for Cumul.io dashboards 👨‍💻

We created ngx-cumulio: a reusable Angular component for adding a dashboard integration to your web app.

It’s now in beta and published on npm, where you can download the package and start using it as a component to embed dashboards into your Angular application!

We’re included on the G2 grid for Embedded BI 🎉

Thanks to your trust & support, we were included in the G2 grid for Embedded Business Intelligence this year! We’re currently #6 in the top 20 highest rated embedded BI tools.

2. Data and connections

+ 7 new data sources in Cumul.io 🔌

Over the past year, we’ve continuously added new data sources to Cumul.io, to ensure the smoothest data connection with any data source you have. In total, we added 7 new plugins for databases, data warehouses and a couple of web services.

Here’s a full overview of the new data sources we added:

Aside from adding new data sources, we also made it easier to create your own plugin, or connect to existing ones. We made the following optimizations to our existing plugins:

  • Plugin logging. This is a great tool for debugging your own plugin. When creating & testing a new or existing plugin, you can check the error logs to track failures and see which request produced an error.
  • Improved error messages when connecting databases. If you’re using one of the existing database connectors, you’ll notice a more detailed error message if something goes wrong during the connection.

+2 new data types & a new aggregation 🔢

This year, we added 2 new data types to Cumul.io, so your data is automatically formatted in the right way:

You can set these data types in your datasets from the databoard. In addition, you can also apply these data types to derived columns.

Within your dashboard environment, we also added cumulative sum as an aggregation, so you can show cumulative values of sales, revenue, etc. in your charts.

Lightning-fast speed on your dashboards ⚡

If you’re dealing with datasets of millions of rows, your dashboards are now loading faster than ever!

Thanks to optimizations in our query infrastructure, query speed can be up to 35x faster than before for a datasets of 25M rows. We activated this feature for local uploads or when pushing data from your API to Cumul.io.

3. Dashboard editor

Linked Filtering 🔗

It’s here! Linked filtering is one of the features that many of you had asked about, and it came to our platform this year! 🎉

Basically, linked filtering means that if you use multiple linked datasets in a dashboard, your filters will automatically apply to both dataset A & B.

Check out the academy article for a step-by-step explanation, or try filtering on one of the charts below to see how it works!

With regards to filtering, we added 3 other improvements to the platform:

  • Object filters. You can now define interactivity between every single chart.
  • Initialization filters. You can set an initialize filter on any chart now, so that filter will automatically be applied whenever you open the dashboard.
  • Export with runtime filters. You can now take a PDF or PNG export of a dashboard, which takes into account the filters you have applied to the dashboard at that moment.

+ 2 new charts 📊

We love bar charts & number charts just as much as you do! ♥️ But sometimes, your data is more complex and asks for richer visualizations.

That’s why we added 2 new chart types, which are perfect for visualizing hierarchies.

Sunburst Chart


Visually explore the distribution of your data across different categories with the sunburst chart.

Circle Pack Diagram


Similarly, the circle pack diagram lets you visually explore the proportion of your data in different subsets. Additionally, you can use the zoom function to further drill down per bubble.

New functions in existing charts 🆕

Three existing objects received a bigger revamp this year:

  • The text object now lets you adapt the colors, size & aligment of your text visually. You no longer need to write CSS code for this, but you still can via the HTML-view.
  • The date filter became much more intuitive, as it now has dynamic date ranges & predefined ranges to choose from.
  • The data table now has conditional formatting options. Highlight values that meet certain criteria by using colors or bars.

In addition to that, we also added some extra functionalities to other chart types:

  • Manual axis ranges. You can now set a range for your x & y-axis in the bar & column chart, as well as the scatter plot.
  • Sorting & ordering. The slicer filter now allows you to set your preferred sorting. You can add a custom order to your bar or column chart. And lastly, we now support locale aware sorting.
  • New filters. We added a ‘(not) starts/ends with’ filter to our predefined filters in the dashboard editor.

Dashboard styling: fonts & theme editor 🎨

When integrating dashboards, you’ll want the dashboards to seamlessly fit the style & branding of your application, right?

To do so, we added fonts to the platform:

  • More than 900 fonts to choose from
  • Set font sizes from extra small to super large

In addition, we made the color palette editor more intuitive. To switch the order of the colors in your palette, you can now simply drag & drop.

4. Webinars 🎥

Last but not least, we introduced a monthly webinar series this year! Every month, our customer success team highlights a specific Cumul.io topic or feature, so you can get the most out of Cumul.io.

We already covered a number of topics, such as:

Want to stay up-to-date on the latest webinars? Follow our webinar playlist on YouTube!

5. Cumul.io newsflash 📰

To round off, we were also glad to welcome Stijn Christiaens as a new member of our Board of Directors in 2019. With his rooted industry knowledge reinforcing our Board, we are determined to keep growing our product roadmap in 2020!

And you can take part in our growth too! Know someone who could benefit from Cumul.io? Let us know, and we’ll reward you with a little holiday gift! We launched a new refer-a-friend program, where you can earn a shopping voucher of €100 for bringing your friends or business contacts into the Cumul.io family.

What’s next?

We’re really thankful for all the feedback we received from all of you in 2019! We’re excited for 2020, but also determined to keep rolling out new features that will make your experience with the platform top-notch.

Stay tuned for more news to come in the beginning of 2020! 📣

What’s your favorite feature we introduced in 2019? Have you added any features to your 2020 wishlist? Let us know in the comments, we appreciate your feedback! 👇

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