#FeatureFRIYAY November: Angular component for Cumul.io dashboards and more!

We’ve got some exciting new updates. Need a little break from all those Black Friday deals today? Then read on to discover what’s new in Cumul.io this month!

Cumul.io is High Performer on G2

G2 recently published their fall reports on the best embedded business intelligence software. We’re proud to announce Cumul.io is awarded in the report as a High Performer!

Apart from the high performer badge, we also received recognition badges for ‘easiest to use’ and ‘easiest setup’.

None of that would have been possible without your support & trust in our platform. Because of your honest client feedback, we’re among the tools that are most likely to be recommended by their users. How awesome is that?! A big word of thanks to all of you who have taken the time to leave their feedback!

P.S.: Are you also eager to share your feedback, but haven’t done so? You can still leave a review, we read every single one of them & really appreciate your input!

What’s new in integration?

ngx-cumulio: an Angular component for Cumul.io dashboards

Are you using Angular in your web app? Then our integration just became even easier for you. We created ngx-cumulio: a reusable Angular component for adding a dashboard integration to your web app.

Our Angular component is currently in beta, and published on npm. In addition, you can find an example of an angular integration using the npm package on stackblitz. Simply download the package from npm, and start using it yourself as a component to embed dashboards into your Angular application!

Webinar: Integration Options In Cumul.io

Last month, we introduced a new feature to our integration, called parameters. In our previous webinar, we explained what parameters are, and how you can use them in your integration.

In this month’s webinar, we’re giving you all full overview of all the dashboard integration options in Cumul.io. Interested to learn more about things like public embedding, key-token integration & parameters? You can watch the full recording below!

What’s new in the dashboard editor?

New filter: (not) starts with / ends with

With this new filter element, you can filter out any elements that start or with a specific string of text. Or the other way around: filter out all the elements that do not start or end with that value.

This filter is available for hierarchies. For example, if you are using specific product codes, this is a great way to filter out the products you need in a fast & efficient way.

Sorting in the slicer filter

Are you using slicer filters in your dashboard? You can now sort the values in your slicing filter, either in ascending or descending order.

Simply go to the item settings of your slicer, and adapt in one click!

Custom subject line for export emails

In Cumul.io, you can easily pull exports of your dashboards, or set up a scheduled email campaign to send dashboard exports regularly to your team or clients.

If you have white labeling enabled in your account, you will notice a new option has popped up for email exports! Apart from being able to customize the email message & branding of your email, you can now also customize the email subject line!

Locale aware sorting

Do you have datasets that contains words in other languages than English? Like most of our customers, you probably do.

Whether it’s English, Turkish, Spanish, Russian or any other language, we wanted to make sure that datasets in your language are well-supported.

This is why we added a new feature called ‘locale aware sorting’. What is it? Well, when you want to sort values in your chart on alphabetical order, this feature will take into account special characters in your language. Cumul.io properly takes into account strings with characters like ç, æ, ø, or ŝ when sorting.

In the chart below, you’ll see an example with Turkish surnames. They are sorted alphabetically, taking into account the special characters like Ç or Ş.


Are you ready to try out these new features? Head over to the app, and make the most out of your Cumul.io experience!

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