This was Data Talks 2019!

On Tuesday, our yearly Data Talks event took place, and we’re looking back with nothing but gratitude. During this event, we aimed to connect customers & data enthusiasts and inspire them to do great things with their data.

After a successful first edition, again we were happy to welcome over 80 familiar faces at a beautiful setting: De Hoorn, the old Stella Brewery in the heart of Leuven.

Inspiring speaker sessions

We invited 4 customers to the stage to tell their story of how they are using within their organization to make more sense of their data. took the stage to share some tips for a better data stack, and to to present some new features.

Proximus: Real-time crowd management

The opening ‘Data Talk’ was held by Gerdy Seynaeve, Innovation Manager at Proximus. And the bar was immediately set! He showed some impressive dashboards they use to track cell phone signal data in real time.

Gerdy Seynaeve on using at Proximus

He explained amazing use cases, such as tracking visitors & crowd movement during De Ronde Van Vlaanderen in real-time, or how they are predicting traffic peaks at the airport based on the signal data.

Curious to learn more? Check out his full presentation. How to build your data stack?

How to make your dashboards faster & more performant? It starts with a good data stack that’s optimal for reporting. In his talk, our CTO Haroen Vermylen discussed some of the challenges when selecting a database, and 4 ways forward to select the right data stack.

Haroen Vermylen: How to build your data stack?

If you want to learn more on the topic, have a look at the slide deck.

Commspace: How to do client-facing analytics?

All the way from Berlin, we were happy to welcome Johan Vosloo, CEO at Commspace. They integrated into their application, and explained the whole integration process: from selection criteria to their challenges and the actual implementation of embedded analytics in the Commspace platform.

Johan Vosloo about their experience of integrating

Fun fact: Commspace chose after trying out more than 30 BI platforms! In his presentation slides, you’ll find out why it was the best match for them.

iReachm: Voice bot analytics

Voice & chatbots are more & more present nowadays, but not all bots are as successful. Peter Staveloz, CEO at iReachm explains the importance of using the right data to improve your voice & chatbot for the best result. He even put his Google Assistant to the test ;-).

Peter Staveloz on voice & chatbot analytics

iReachm builds voice bots and uses to continuously track & improve the performance of their bots. Scroll through the slide deck to learn more about his use case.

City of Antwerp: Organization in numbers

The City of Antwerp was actually one of our first customers to integrate into their own portal. Jelke Sooghen, Manager Policy & Information Management at City of Antwerp, explained how they use data for change management in their organization.

Jelke Sooghen - Stad Antwerpen: Organization in Numbers

They integrated dashboards into their internal employee portal to give every employee access to key insights when they need it. To find out more about their use case, check out the slide deck. product update: a faster & better integration

We ended the Data Talks sessions with a product update and the road ahead at

Bruno Verbruggen gave some insights on our new pricing, which makes integration accessible & affordable for any company, including new emerging startups. He highlighted our JEP program, which is a special discounted program where we work closely together with you to get a Proof of Concept up & running.

JEP & pricing session

Karel Callens presented our recent integration improvements. We added parameterizable filters, which makes our integration even faster & even easier! In a nutshell, this allows you to adapt many filters at once & impersonate a specific user much easier from the UI itself.

Data Talks: integration update

The result: you don’t need to include countless ids in your integration code: just add your parameter in the metadata and start reuse it in other dashboards as well.

The integration is faster, but how fast? In Karel’s words: “Integrating is faster than cooking your favorite pasta al dente”. In the video below, you’ll see how it’s done in less than 6 minutes.

Curious to see which other features are upcoming? Check out the slide deck to have a sneak peek at our road ahead.

Share & learn from each other’s experiences

We had some great conversations with all of you during the networking drinks. It was so great to hear about all of your experiences, and we keep learning & improving from your feedback!

Data Talks networking

This year, we had a special booth where people could leave their feedback about If you weren’t able to do so, no worries, you can still leave your review.

We hope to see you again next year for a third edition of Data Talks!

P.S.: Find a selection of pictures of the event here. Don’t forget to tag in your posts! 😉

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