5 Great Speakers You Can’t Miss At Data Talks 2019

We’re super-excited about our second edition of Data Talks! For those who don’t know the concept yet: Data Talks is a yearly Cumul.io event where we gather Cumul.io users and data enthusiasts to meet and learn.

It’s a full afternoon that combines learning & networking. We invite some top-notch speakers to share their use cases, learnings and tips & tricks of how they use data in their organization.

Have you met our speakers yet? In this post, we’ll give you a brief overview of all speakers and the topics they will cover during their session.

Join us by registering via this link, or if you’re curious to find out what to expect at the event, read on below!

1. Proximus

  • Session: Using data during ‘De Ronde Van Vlaanderen’
  • Speaker: Gerdy Seynaeve, Innovation Manager at Proximus

We’re starting off with an inspiring data use case by Proximus. How can data be used for better safety and organization during mass events? That’s exactly what Proximus did during the Tour of Flanders.

Gerdy Seynaeve of Proximus will explain how they visualized cell phone signals live during the ‘Tour of Flanders’. Thanks to their dashboards, they could manage the crowd in real-time & reinforce their police forces at the right place, at the right time. Hear their full story during the event.

2. Commspace

  • Session: How to tackle client-facing analytics?
  • Speaker: Johan Vosloo, CEO at Commspace

Is your reporting towards clients ‘on point’? How do you share insights into private data or usage statistics with your customers? This was one of the challenges for Commspace, a platform for commission management.

Johan Vosloo will explain how they tackled client-facing analytics, and what are the pitfalls to avoid. He’ll give a live demo of the reporting module inside their own platform, so if you’re looking for inspiration or practical tips for your own analytics module, make sure to catch the presentation of Commspace!

Fun fact: Commspace is a South African company, so we’ll be welcoming our first international speaker this year!

3. iReachm

  • Session: Monitoring Voice Bots with Dashboards
  • Speaker: Peter Staveloz, CEO at iReachm

When you’re swamped in work, does it feel like a dream to have an assistant to help you out? iReachm.com makes the dream come true with their digital assistants: they build voice & chat bots to help sales & customer service departments save time.

Peter Staveloz of iReachm will show you some practical examples of how they monitor customer behavior and optimize the performance of their bots with the right dashboards. If you’re looking to optimize your internal processes and you need some tips, Peter is your guy!

4. City of Antwerp

  • Session: Our Organization in Numbers
  • Speaker: Jelke Sooghen, Manager Policy & Management Information

Government institutions are digitizing rapidly, and are making more and more use of their data. Not only to make life easier for citizens, but also to map the internal organization of the city itself.

We’re proud to welcome Jelke Sooghen from the City of Antwerp as a speaker! Jelke will explain how they use data at City of Antwerp, and how they embedded dashboards full of statistics about their organization in their internal portal.

Are you wondering how you can use data as a city or government? Get inspired by City of Antwerp during the event!

5. Cumul.io

  • Session: How to select the right data stack?
  • Speaker: Haroen Vermylen, CTO

At its core, Cumul.io is a visualization tool. It makes your data beautiful & easily understandable. But before you can do the actual visualization, you need to have your data stack in order.

“Where am I going to store my data? Which database or warehouse should I work with? How do I make sure my data structure is optimal for reporting?” These are questions many of our customers deal with at some point.

During this session, Haroen Vermylen of Cumul.io will get to the bottom of this, and give you some actionable tips to select the right data stack. Get a better understanding of the different approaches you can take, and what are the pro’s and con’s of each approach.

And to round off: a product update by the Cumul.io team

To wrap up the day, we’ll look back over the past year at Cumul.io and highlight the main updates & our growth path. In addition, we’ll flash-forward to what’s next at Cumul.io.

During the event, we’ll announce new improvements to our dashboard integration. We’re adding a bunch of new functions to our integration, so you’ll have more possibilities. At the same time, we’re improving what’s already there to make the integration process as fast & easy as possible for you.

Find out more on 24th September at De Hoorn in Leuven!

Are you interested to join Data Talks? Don’t hesitate and claim your ticket now. Learn, network, and be one of the first to get a sneak peek into our improved integration!

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