#FeatureFRIYAY April: Cumulative sum, a Snowflake connector & more!

Happy Friday! How do you get the most out of your data & dashboarding experience? We’ve added some new features to the platform this month to help you get there. And next to that, we’re adding a feature highlight to this edition of #FeatureFRIYAY, highlighted by our customer success team. Read on!

A better view on your running total with cumulative sum

If you want to monitor any type of business growth – whether it’s revenue, turnover, the number of leads or orders – a simple line chart or column chart will nicely show you the evolution over time.

Now, what if you have a revenue target of 1M at the end of the year. In that case, you’re not only interested in the new revenue each month. You’ll want to see the evolution of your total growth, up to that point in time.

To easily visualize this running total, we’ve added cumulative sum to our aggregations. It will show your cumulative growth in one glance.

Start using it right away in your bar, column, line or combination charts! In this Academy article on cumulative charts, you’ll learn how to enable it in a few clicks!

New connector with Snowflake

After adding Panoply last month, we now added a brand-new Snowflake connector to our connectors. Snowflake is a data warehouse which allows you to collect & store all your data in a simple & performing way, for optimal use in reporting.

If you’re already using Snowflake, you can now connect it to Cumul.io as your visualization tool. In that way, you’re equipped with a complete analytics stack to give your customers the insights they need!

Don’t worry if you’re using a different database or warehouse. You can always browse through our existing connectors to find your match!

Watch the webinar on themes & styling!

We work continuously on adding new functions to the platform. But of course, we want to ensure that you can easily find your way through all of our existing functionalities!

Let’s zoom in on dashboard styling & layout for example. A good dashboard makes data insightful… but a great dashboard grabs the viewer’s attention and tells the story you want to tell in the blink of an eye.

We have extensive theme & styling options available in Cumul.io, but you might not know all of them into the smallest detail. That’s why our customer success team organized a webinar to help you get more out of these styling features:

  • Tips on how to give your dashboards an efficient layout
  • Handy tricks to customize your dashboards to your branding
  • Using colors & conditional formatting to convey meaning

If you missed our webinar, you can simply watch the recording below!

Next to that, we also added some new default themes to our existing collection, for you to choose from! Try Orion’s Belt for a funky vibe, Royale for a classy look, or Pinky Brains for a mix of dark meets flashy.

Add some new magic to your dashboards!

Can’t wait to get started with these new tips & features? Open the app and get started right away!

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