#FeatureFRIYAY January: currencies, object filters and a new sunburst chart

Happy Friyay all! January flew by like a pigeon on steroids, am I right? How has your first month of the new year been so far? We hope you all made a great first step towards your goals for the new year.

One of our new year’s resolutions was to develop more kick-ass features, to help you work faster, smarter, and easier in Cumul.io. Let’s see how we kept up with our resolutions this month. Keep on reading, and find out what’s new in Cumul.io!

Drill down as you like, with object filters

More control over object filters per chart

What’s one of the nicest things about a dashboard? If you ask us, it’s interactivity. Instead of having static Excel or PDF reports, you can filter live on your dashboard, and drill down on a specific part of your data.

As you might know already, if you click on a specific item in a chart, the whole dashboard will filter on that specific item. But what if you don’t want to filter every chart, like in the example below?

Then you should definitely take a look at object filters. It’s now possible to define filtering for every single chart. Turn filters on or off, and filter your dashboard exactly how you like it.

Start exploring object filters, or learn more about it in the Academy article.

We’re continuously improving our filtering experience. Want to go even more advanced, and filter across datasets? Stay tuned for the next #FeatureFRIYAY, because we’ve got something exciting coming up!

Extra filtering interactivity in scatter plot

Next to the increased flexibility of object filters, we also added more interactivity to our existing scatter plot.

You can simply select an area on your scatter plot, which will allow you to filter the dashboard on those values only. Have a look at our Spotify dashboard below, for example.

Let’s say I want to listen to a calm song: not too loud, and not too energetic. Then just filter the scatter plot, and a whole list of perfectly matching songs pops up.

It’s all about the money? We added currencies!

New year, new goals. We’re sure you’ve set a number of targets to achieve with your company this year. Any financial or revenue targets on the list? Chances are high that’s a ‘yes’ :-).

Pro tip: if you’re working with new targets, it’s a great time to start using some gauges or bullet charts in your dashboard.

Whether it’s targets, or any other monetary data: you’ll want to “track the money” efficiently. Evidently, it all starts with making sure it’s clear which data are actually monetary, and which currency applies to it.

Therefore, we added currencies to Cumul.io. If you want to add that little dollar sign to your charts: now you can! Not so fond of dollars? Don’t worry, there are more than 150 other currencies to choose from.

Want to update your charts with currencies? Read our step-by-step guide on how to add currencies in the Academy.

Note: when you change a column’s value to currency, Cumul.io will update all your existing dashboards for you automatically, if you wish. When opening an existing dashboard, you’ll get the following pop-up:

Simply click ‘Yes’ and your dashboard will automatically have currencies applied. Nothing else you need to do!

New chart: Sunburst

What’s more fun than exploring new chart types? Give a fresh new touch to your dashboards by adding some special visualizations to it.

This month, we added a new chart type: the sunburst chart. If you have datasets that contain lots of hierarchies, this one is definitely your winner!

The sunburst chart lets you drag multiple hierarchies onto a chart, and shows how they add up to 1 and the same measure. It shows you the distribution of how every category relates to the whole.


Did you spot anything unusual within your data? Thanks to the granularity of this chart, you can really drill down on a specific hierarchy you’re interested in, and see what’s causing the abnormality.

Sounds interesting? Learn everything you need to know in the sunburst chart Academy article, and get ready to fully explore your hierarchical data.

Update: I just picked up that another new chart was released only minutes ago. We’ll keep that for our next #FeatureFRIYAY, but feel free to go and search for it yourself. Let us know if you found it! 😉

Start exploring the new features

Start the new year in style, and give your dashboards some love with the help of these new features! Feedback, questions, or comments? Comment below, or get in touch. We’re happy to help you get on track.

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