#FeatureFRIYAY December: looking back at 2018

It was a hell of a ride.

2018 has been an exciting year at Cumul.io. With 2019 around the corner, we feel it’s the perfect moment to look back on the past year together. Our joint challenges, our milestones. Simply put: how we’ve grown together, thanks to all of you!

We are thrilled to keep working together in 2019 with customers, partners, and those who we only just met. But before we dive into the new year, let’s pause. Let’s have a moment to reflect on 2018 in this last #FeatureFRIYAY of the year!

Here’s a deeper look into our growth path, and a short recap of all the changes & new features we released this year.

+ 3 new knowledge hubs

One of our goals this year was to help our customers work more efficiently with Cumul.io. “With the right resources, building and integrating a dashboard becomes easier and faster for anyone.”

We added 3 new knowledge hubs throughout the year to empower our customers with the right tools and documents.


A new go-to source for everyone involved in the process of building dashboards. It contains a crash course to explore the core functions of our dashboard editor, together with a bunch of FAQ articles that deal with more complex questions.

Developer Portal

As more and more SaaS tools are starting to integrate Cumul.io, we bundled all our API documentation into a single Developer Portal. The go-to hub for every developer involved in the integration process, full of guides and code examples.

Status page

To create 100% transparency into the operationality of our technologies, we added a public status page. This means you can monitor in real time whether any Cumul.io system is experiencing downtime.

Cumul.io systems status page

More data, more fun!

Our list of supported data sources got longer this year. We’re proud to have added 9 new connectors to Cumul.io! The list has something for everyone: whether it’s sales, finance, development,…


  • Pipedrive
  • HubSpot


  • Exact Online

Project management:

  • Asana

Databases & data warehouses:

  • MongoDB
  • BigQuery
  • AWS Athena
  • AWS Redshift
  • PipelineDB

With a growing number of connectors, we needed to make sure it’s still easy for you to keep a good overview. That is now possible thanks to the new ‘Connected Accounts’ tab. It lets you manage any connection at any given time.

Simplifying the integration experience

Integration has been one of our key pillars in the course of 2018. We truly believe that SaaS companies should join forces to become stronger together.

So, we worked continuously to make our integration smoother & faster. It enables our partners offer more value to their customers, in less time. Amongst others, we added:

Plugin API

To simplify the process of connecting custom data sources like APIs or custom databases, we built and improved our plugin API. It allows integration partners to build their own data connector, often in just 50 to 80 lines of code.

Fun fact: 202 new plugins were created this year!

Metadata synchronization

With metadata synchronization, structural or data type changes in your data source (whether it’s a database or an API) are automatically synchronized in Cumul.io. This helps you to keep all your technologies in sync, without having to do manual adaptations.

Chart integration

Integrating a complete dashboard, or just parts of it? We now also support the integration of single chart items. You’ll find a more detailed explanation in our developer documentation.

More white-labeling options

Next to the default white-labeling options like changing the logo, colors and image of the application, we added some extra’s:

  • Customize the email message for dashboard exports
  • Customize the email sender name & email address

Faster loading time

We aim for the most seamless dashboard integration possible. So throughout the year, the product team benefited from continuous feedback and optimized the integration code snippet. Step by step, the integration got faster, easier and more seamless.

Integration tab

In the sharing modal, you’ll find a new guide to help you embed the dashboards in your application.

Simplifying the dashboard editor

As we mentioned before, we believe it’s crucial to keep the dashboarding experience as easy as possible for Cumul.io users. The Academy was a great add-on, but evidently, we wanted the product to evolve in that same direction.

Many deploys this year were dedicated to a better UI experience. How many of the new items below have you tried out already?

  1. Hierarchy editor: create sublevels in your columns, and group together values with simple drag & drop.
  2. Template dashboards: use a pre-existing template to create a Pipedrive or Exact Online dashboard with just a few clicks!
  3. Undo buttons: deleted a chart or synced your screen modes by accident? Use the new undo buttons!
  4. Improved dataset reupload: a clearer interface to reupload local files like Excel or CSV.
  5. Cloning: easily clone one of your dashboard charts by clicking the ‘duplicate’ button.
  6. Filter overview: a single place to view and manage all the filters that are active on your dashboard.
  7. Chart improvements: we revamped a lot of charts to include more advanced options: more interactivity, support of multiple data types, axis labels, and more.

Dolly, is that you?!

New chart types, for more impressive dashboards

Don’t get us wrong. We love using a simple bar chart, or a plain line chart. But sometimes, that’s just not enough. Some data formats require more advanced charts. They give your dashboard just that little ‘extra’.

Therefore, we added some common – and less common – new chart types to Cumul.io, so you can handle more complex questions. A short overview:

Combination chart


Sankey diagram

Alluvial diagram

Funnel chart

Pyramid chart

Semi-circle chart

Excited to keep growing together in 2019!

Looking back at 2018, most of what we feel is gratefulness.

Thanks to your worldwide trust, we are serving customers in 14 countries, and almost tripled our annual revenue.

This wouldn’t have been possible without an amazing team, which grew from 5 to 13 people in 2018 only.

So obviously, we’re excited for the new year. That’s the least we can say. With many exciting new features planned, we strive to keep improving your experience. Let’s keep growing together, as we’re happy to hear your valuable feedback!

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For now, we wish you a great end of the year, and an even better start of 2019 to come! 🎇

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