Slush 2018: 5 awesome Finnish startups we met

This week, we were in startup heaven. We flew over to Helsinki to attend Slush, one of the largest startup conferences in Europe. And it was beyond expectations. A huge venue with so many people and so many cool startups. This is how we, as a fellow startup, experienced Slush 2018.

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Nope, we didn’t forget to change the placeholder here. This was actually the first thing you saw on the huge banner at the entrance.

“Kept the placeholder, what matters is inside.” This awesome action instantly reminded us of what we all tend to forget at times: do the unusual, it’s the best attention-grabber. If followed by a relevant message, of course ;-).

Our list of the 5 most remarkable Finnish startups

As an analytics company, we’re always interested to spot new technologies that have interesting data available. Or to meet new companies that make smart use of their data. But even beyond the scope of data, there were a couple of companies that really grabbed our attention.

Since we were in Finland, we took advantage of the opportunity to get to meet some awesome Finnish startup power. So, let’s have a look at the 5 coolest Finnish startups we were lucky to meet during Slush.


We love data-driven sales. And Leadfeeder really takes it to the next level. Get ready to up your lead generation game…

Leadfeeder is a platform that identifies which companies have visited your website in the last 30 days. What’s more, if you connect it to Google Analytics, you’ll be able to see how often they visited, which pages, via which source, and more. 

You can even let Leadfeeder send leads to your CRM automatically, if they meet your predefined criteria. What’s more, it send real-time alerts when your target company visits your website. It allows you take the right sales actions at the right time.


Confession: Supermetrics wasn’t new to us. We’ve been an active user ourselves, and we love it!

Supermetrics is an awesome tool for data-driven marketers. It’s an add-on for Google Sheets to collect all your marketing data in Google Drive. Supermetrics connects with almost any marketing tool or social media. You can then sync the data from those Google Sheets to a BI tool like

It’s how we keep track of all our marketing metrics at They even launched an API recently, which allows you to push data directly into BI platforms like Awesome, right?


More and more business is happening online. But still, the offline point of sales remains an important touchpoint in many sectors. But how to track how your visitors are browsing your physical store?

Signals is a hardware solution for people counting and tracking. It helps you understand how customers use the services and space you provide. Not only for retail, but also in enormous spaces like airports, this offers new insights that help optimize your services and space use.

The data collected – e.g. motion tracking, data from digital signage screens,… – is fully retrievable via API. Fun fact: they were tracking visitor motion at Slush, which you could check out live at their booth. We’re a fan!


Aiven is an online platform that allows you to spin up open source databases across most of the big cloud providers. It only takes 10 minutes to set up your fully hosted and managed Aiven services.

For example, if you’re looking to migrate your database from one cloud provider to another – let’s say from AWS to Azure – it’s super easy when you’re using Aiven.

Hosting & managing databases can be a hassle. So, kudo’s to this Database as a Service for making it much easier!


To end this list, Naava is definitely one of the most unusual startups we’ve met. And that’s what makes them so cool: they stand out from the crowd, with a beautiful mission.

“We believe that healthy air should be a human right. We will bring nature’s most precious gift inside.”

Naava offers a plant wall that functions as an ‘air purifier’. The roots absorb indoor air, and purify it of harmful chemicals. The fans inside the wall return the pure air into the room.

The product is highly innovative and powered by artificial intelligence technology to measure and analyze surroundings, connect to weather satellites, and automatically water the plant & adjust the airflows.

Their business is refreshing, literally!

Our team had a blast at Slush 2018! Were you there as well? Let us know in the comments how you experienced the conference.🙌

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