Nexxworks: improving the operational flow with, Teamleader & Yuki

Have you ever felt like you needed more hours in a day? Or you wanted to get more work done, in less time? I think we’ve all been there. Luckily, there are many great softwares and tools out there that help you to work more efficiently & automate different tasks.

But of course, you don’t want to get into a ‘tool madness’. You’ll want to keep a good oversight of all your processes, instead of having them fragmented in countless productivity tools. So, wouldn’t life be easier if you could just connect all the tools you’re using? To have a fully integrated ‘toolbox’ for your business?

Tools everywhere

Well yes indeed. And that’s exactly why integrations are so powerful. If you let different tools work together, you can accomplish even more. Therefore, we combined forces together with Teamleader (CRM) and Yuki (accounting). Thanks to our mutual integrations, these 3 business tools can be used together as 1 connected platform.

Are you curious to find out how a CRM, accounting and dashboarding platform can work together as one? Well then, learn directly from the customer himself! We interviewed Frederik Simoen, COO at nexxworks, who is a regular user of, Yuki and Teamleader.

Efficient workflows at nexxworks

As digital technologies are constantly evolving, nexxworks wants to help enterprises and SMEs to get started with innovation. They inspire organizations to act on their day after tomorrow. As no other, they understand how technology can make a huge impact in business. Not only for their customers, but also within their own organization.

“We tell our customers: ‘Data is the new oil.’ So, we are constantly looking for new technologies to use ourselves, where we can make smarter use of that data.”

Frederik combines different tools to make their whole operational process as smooth as possible:

  • Teamleader: for customer relationship management, sales and invoicing
  • Yuki: for financial follow-up and accounting
  • for a clear oversight of all the processes, across all the tools

Watch the video below, where Frederik explains how Teamleader, Yuki and work together at nexxworks:

Now, how to build your bridges? How to make meaningful, automated connections between the tools to save time? Let’s look into each software in more detail, and explain the possibilities to connect the tools with each other.

Managing customers & projects in Teamleader

At nexxworks, Teamleader is the starting point. As the central CRM system, Teamleader contains all the vital information about the nexxworks customers & prospects.

Teamleader CRM & project management

What’s more, nexxworks uses Teamleader to follow up on the complete sales process. All the way from prospect to customer, and even after. You can easily manage projects, sales cycles and invoices right from Teamleader as well. It helps to attribute revenue directly to the right customers, all inside the same tool.

In the Teamleader marketplace, you can find many other tools that can be automatically connected with your Teamleader account. Yuki & are successful examples of such integrations, so let’s have a further look.

Smart accounting with Yuki

After execution and invoicing of a project, you’ll want to have a view on your company’s financial status too. At nexxworks, that’s where Yuki comes in. Thanks to Yuki, they can more easily manage their accounting, together with their accountant. At all times, they have insights into their current balance, profit and loss account,… instead of being reliable on the yearly financial statement.

Yuki accounting platform

Now this is where it gets even more interesting. By connecting Yuki with Teamleader, you can automate your processes across these tools. What does that mean exactly?

  • Outgoing invoices from Teamleader are automatically created in Yuki as well
  • Yuki automatically updates the payment status of invoices from Teamleader
  • Since Yuki is connected to your bank, it will know when an outgoing invoice is paid. It syncs the information with Teamleader, which will automatically stop sending invoice reminders.

Thanks to the Yuki integration, you never have to worry about updating such things manually in each tool. If you’ve connected the tools, you can automate all these manual processes and save countless hours of time.

Keep a high-level overview with dashboards

As you can tell, Teamleader & Yuki contain a lot of interesting data about your customers, your sales process, your invoicing and your company’s financial health. Ideally, you could combine all that data in 1 place to keep a high-level overview of all your workflows. nexxworks uses to do so.

In, nexxworks has built interactive dashboards on their data from Yuki and Teamleader. What’s more, they can easily add information from other sources as well: this could be from Excel files, Google Analytics, or even their own database. dashboards on Yuki & Teamleader data

Again, this is all possible thanks to the integrations between the 3 tools.’s connectors make it possible to connect your Teamleader & Yuki data in a couple of clicks. You can schedule the data refresh, so you’ll never have to work with imports & exports between the different tools.

This allows nexxworks to analyze their sales & financial processes in much more detail within, and much faster. In that way, they can easily spot where things are going well & wrong within the whole operational flow. These small optimizations can lead to huge growth in the long run. What’s more, general overview dashboards help them keep track of their main KPIs on a daily basis. Within minutes, they are up-to-date on the latest state of business.

To have a better idea of these dashboards, check out the Yuki example dashboard or Teamleader example dashboard.

Looking to connect your toolset?

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