13 innovative companies we met during Unbound London

Together with a delegation of innovative Belgian startups, we were happy to attend the Unbound Live conference in London. A big thanks to Flanders Investment & Trade for inviting Cumul.io to bring some Belgian flavor to the exhibition!

Cumul.io at Unbound London, introducing integrated analytics

Unbound Live is one of Europe’s largest festivals celebrating innovation, bringing entrepreneurs, investors, thought leaders &  technological pioneers together. Needless to say we met a lot of innovative companies – SaaS & non-Saas – with refreshing business ideas. In this article, we’ll introduce you to a selection of them!


This is one of the most beautiful mission statements we’ve heard at the conference. Humaniq aims to eradicate poverty through the use of new technologies in the financial space. Currently, 2.5 billion people on Earth don’t have access to official financial services. Humaniq wants to put this to an end, with the help of their own cryptocurrency.

Anyone can join the Humaniq platform: users are verified by face & voice recognition, so even without formal documentation, you can get access to basic financial services. Every new user gets $20 worth of HMQ, and the interface is so simple that anyone can use it, even those who aren’t familiar with gadgets or new technologies. In this way, the application allows users to work, borrow, lend, save and pay across the internet with an alternative form of identification.

Humaniq at Unbound London - Cumul.io

Relative Insight

Being a data visualization platform, we’re always interested to talk to other companies in the data space. While Cumul.io deepdives into the numbers, the Relative Insight platform deepdives into the letters!

Relative Insight is a platform that analyses language to help marketers discover how their audience thinks and talks about their brand. It compares 2 language datasets in order to gain insights into the similarities when people speak about your product or brand – ranging from sentiment to grammar.

In that way, marketers can gain better insights into how to communicate with and towards their intended audience. From our point of view, it’s a really cool use of data analysis from a linguistic point of view. Data-driven story-telling, we’re impressed!


As a business, you’re always looking to give back to society. KindLink creates a network of people, charities and businesses, showing the good they do in this world. It’s a great platform for planning, monitoring and creating engagement for CSR activities.

As a business, you can attract, keep and develop employees through social impact programs. Share truly inspiring posts from your employees and how they gave back to the world through the programs you support, and create a kind, socially responsible company culture.

As a charity, you can engage individual and business donors by showing the impact your charity  organization made. Share your inspirational stories and help your charity raise more funds.

And simply as a human, you can inspire anyone on KindLink by sharing any fundraising or volunteering story you engaged in, to show how you made a difference to other people’s lives.

KindLink meets Cumul.io at Unbound London


Blockchain & cryptocurrencies have emerged and grown rapidly during the past year. There’s a huge community of enthusiasts but still, for many people it seems complex and far out of their range. This is exactly where Coinrule closes the gap.

Below the motto ‘Trade while you sleep’, they built a beginner-friendly platform for trading bitcoins. You can create automated trading rules, without any coding. In that way, they make new emerging technologies like Blockchain accessible to a wider public. We’re a fan!

Coinrule meeting Cumul.io at Unbound London

Ultra IoT

Internet-connected devices are becoming omnipresent. At Unbound, an IoT company based in the Netherlands and UK, called Ultra IoT, captured our attention. Their mission is to make IoT more accessible, with more efficient development. And they have a unique approach to do so.

Through rapid prototyping, they can test new IoT solutions and user cases in a very fast and efficient way. They use data throughout the whole development project – kudos for being data-driven! Based on data analyses of the first test, they will validate assumptions and pivot the IoT development when needed. Afterwards, they will scale up the development process, and derive insights from the sensor data & external data.

They even created a modular, open source IoT development Lego toolkit for their community! Building with lego bricks?! Find out more about their ‘Ultra Bricks‘.

Ultra IoT at Unbound London - Cumul.io

Belgian companies joining Unbound Live

Together with 8 other Belgian companies, Cumul.io exhibited at the Flanders Belgium booth, powered by Flanders Investment & Trade. We were really proud to be present among so many inspiring software companies from our country! Let’s have a look at our fellow exhibitors:

  • Social Seeder: A platform to help you spread content through your most valuable ambassadors: your employees. A very promising & powerful word-of-mouth platform!
  • Influo: As influencer marketing is becoming a standard, Influo makes it easy for brands & agencies to manage influencer relationships through the Influo platform, all in 1 place.
  • Mobit: An app that simplifies bike sharing. No more hassle of lost keys or fixed bike stations.
  • ShopWeDo: Starting an e-commerce business without the pains of logistics like stocking and shipping. ShopWeDo takes care of it, while you simply follow what’s happening through their platform.
  • Small Teaser: A collaborative blogging platform, which helps bloggers spread their content fast to the right people through existing, interest-based community blogs.
  • My_Smart Bottle: Staying hydrated was never as easy. All you need is 1 bottle & 1 platform to take full control of your hydration as an athlete, patient, or as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Yields.io: An A.I. platform for risk management in the finance sector. It helps financial institutions detect model issues as they happen, while increasing transparency for C-level execs.
  • In The Pocket: In The Pocket creates digital products for companies who take their digital future seriously, to help them innovate & grow.

Belgian startups & software companies at Unbound London - Cumul.io

Celebrating innovation

Innovation and growth were the central topics at Unbound. So, we were happy to meet so many like-minded companies and individuals, on a mission to drive innovation through technology and data. At Cumul.io, we’re on that same mission to help other SaaS companies drive innovation, by offering high-quality dashboards to the end-users of their platform. Right inside their own application!

If you’re interested to learn more, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Did you attend Unbound London as well? Did you meet any other interesting startups or companies that we haven’t mentioned here? Feel free to mention them in the comments below!

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