Whitepaper: The ROI of integrated analytics in SaaS

Whitepaper: the ROI of integrated analytics

After the surge of easy & affordable BI tools for decision-makers, has the analytics market hit the ceiling? Absolutely not. In fact, analytics are making their way into other existing applications.

User dashboards are an emerging trend in SaaS. By offering dashboards to customers as part of the application, many SaaS companies are boosting their revenue and customer satisfaction.

This whitepaper will discuss the growing potential of the integrated analytics market. Read proof of its business impact in the SaaS industry. Amongst others, you’ll learn:

  • What is integrated analytics?
  • Key statistics on the integrated analytics market
  • The 4 main revenue drivers, including hard numbers on possible revenue and ROI

Are you ready to kill your competition, and boost your SaaS’ revenue?

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