We’re adding free viewer accounts!

A good dashboard leads to great insights into your business performance. But what’s the use, if you don’t take action on these learnings? By adding viewer accounts, you can ensure that the right person always has access to the data they need. And now the good news: we’re adding them to your accounts, for free!

Example of viewer accounts in Cumul.io

What are viewer accounts?

In Cumul.io, you can build, edit and share dashboards. Or, you can simply view them to gain insights. Within a single organization, there can be multiple Cumul.io users, but each user may have different user rights:

  • Designers: A designer is a Cumul.io user who has full access to the dashboarding features Cumul.io offers. This means you can build & edit dashboards as you wish, and even export or share with a private URL (depending on your license).
    • Owner: can build, edit & share dashboards and has full control over access of different members in the organization
    • Member: can build, edit & share dashboards, but may not have access to all existing dashboards in the organization (typically controlled by the owner)
  • Viewers: A viewer is a Cumul.io user (with credentials) who can only view dashboards. They won’t be able to edit or change anything. The organization owner can easily configure which data & dashboards are visible to each single viewer. In addition, the owner can create filtered views for each viewer on a single dashboard.

An example: adding customers as viewers

Let’s say you’re an account manager at a marketing agency. You’re currently running a couple of marketing campaigns for 2 different clients. Instead of reporting the results after the campaign has finished, why not keep them up-to-date during the campaign?

This is where viewer accounts are extremely helpful. Katie, your online marketeer, is a designer in Cumul.io. She creates a single dashboard with all campaign data, visualizing the most interesting metrics to monitor while the campaigns are running. This is what Katie will see:

What the dashboard owner will see

Katie adds her 2 clients, John & Marc, as viewers in Cumul.io. She then creates a filter for both John and Marc on the dashboard. So, when John logs in, he will only see the results of the campaigns for his company. This is what John will see:

What dashboard viewer 1 will see

The same goes for Marc. He will only see the data that Katie has given him access to. This is what Marc will see:

What dashboard viewer 2 will see

For Katie, this is a real time-saver. She only has to create one dashboard & add the right filters. Manual reporting is history. In addition, John & Marc are happy customers. They can follow the campaign’s performance at any moment, and use the filters to drill down on specific details. Katie can now share her insights in a fast, easy and highly secure way.

Easy, fast & secure data sharing

Adding a viewer account has many benefits:

  • Lower cost. Instead of buying multiple designer licenses, which you don’t necessarily need, you can save costs by adding viewers, starting at €25 per month.
  • Interactivity. Compared to static exports, viewers will be able to interact with the filters on the dashboard, and gain insights more thoroughly.
  • Secure data sharing. Viewers have their own login credentials. So, your data is stored securely and dashboards can only be viewed by those who have secured access.
  • Filtered views. Share one and the same dashboard with all your viewers. Decide with just a few clicks which data are available for each individual viewer, by adding filtered views. Authenticated user will only see the data to which you gave them access.
  • Access anytime. With their viewer credentials, your viewers can easily access the data they need at any moment.

We’re adding free viewer accounts!

Viewer accounts start from €25 per month per viewer. Do you already have a Climb or Cruise license? Then we have good news! On top of your existing sharing functionalities, we’re adding free viewer accounts to your plan:

  • Climb license: get 2 free viewer accounts
  • Cruise license: get 5 free viewer accounts

Log into your account now, and discover what viewer accounts can offer to your business! First time using viewer accounts? Check out this article to learn how to add a viewer.

Start adding viewer accounts!

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