Pipedrive dashboards: how to close more deals

Smart sales teams rely on smart tools. Like Pipedrive. The perfect CRM solution for ambitious salespeople. In Pipedrive, it has become child’s play to manage your sales pipeline and track sales activities, like meetings or calls. Closing deals has never been so easy?

Wait. What if it cán be easier? With the right insights into your pipeline, you’ll know exactly why deals are refused, how your team is performing, and where to take action in your sales funnel. So, to grant you these insights, Cumul.io combines forces with Pipedrive! Connect your Pipedrive data to Cumul.io, and build interactive dashboards.

Pipedrive dashboards

Drive your pipe… with Pipedrive dashboards!

A great sales representative is always one step ahead of the game. He knows what’s at play: the latest sales status, obstacles, progress on targets. But where do you gather such information from? That’s where your Pipedrive data steps in.

Think of it: when it comes to sales, Pipedrive is your source of truth. All the information you need is in there:

  • Existing deals (per salesperson)
  • All the activities performed on your deals
  • Volume & value of deals per stage in your pipeline

Downside? The data is everywhere. You need to structure it. This may seem difficult, but it shouldn’t be. That’s exactly why we built a Pipedrive dashboarding integration. You don’t need to worry about searching & exporting the data. We’ll bring the data to you. Simply connect, select the KPIs you want to analyze, drag & drop the data onto your dashboard, and there you go! In a few clicks, you’ll have your sales dashboard ready to use.

Pipedrive dashboard example Cumul.io

Once you have the dashboards ready, you’ll quickly see the benefits:

  • Stay up-to-date. You’ll have an overview of your most important sales data, with the latest status automatically synced.
  • Gain time. Never worry again about manual reports, or information searches. Build your dashboard once, use it infinitely.
  • Productivity. Understand which efforts work, and which ones don’t. Spend your valuable time on the right things.
  • Be proactive. Spot issues exactly when they happen. You’ll know immediately which actions to take.

Which KPIs to monitor from Pipedrive?

So let’s get going! Want to build your first dashboard? To start off on the right track: here’s a list of KPIs you could track from Pipedrive. Get started with the ones that are most relevant to your sales team:

  • Deals: gain deeper insights into your customers & leads
    • Volume of deals
    • Deal size or value
    • Percentage won vs. lost
    • Evolution of volume & value over time
    • Extra contextual information such as: deal source, reasons refused,…
  • Sales pipeline: understand how your leads advance through the sales funnel
    • Pipeline value & evolution over time
    • Volume & value per sales stage
    • Conversion rates per sales stage
    • From lead to paying customer, where does it go wrong?
  • Sales activities: measure the effectiveness of your sales efforts
    • Number of meetings, calls, mails,…
    • Activities per deal & per sales member
    • Avg. number of activities to close
    • Conversion rate per type of activity
  • Team performance: measure how your team members are performing against targets
    • Open vs. closed deals per team member
    • Closed value per team member
    • Progress on sales targets per team or team member
    • Number of sales activities per team member

Set off KPIs against each other to find even more meaningful correlations, and give your sales a boost!

Start your free Cumul.io trial today, and build your first Pipedrive dashboard in a matter of minutes. Need some more inspiration before getting started? Take a look at the example dashboard below.


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