Dropsolid: “We empower our teams with data thanks to Cumul.io”

We had a chat with Dominique De Cooman, CEO at Dropsolid. Dropsolid helps SMEs and enterprises with their digital transformation. Being a digital business themselves, they are an enthusiastic user of Cumul.io.

Thanks to Cumul.io, Dropsolid now has full control over all the data that flows through their company. By sharing insights with their employees, they empower teams to have full ownership over their projects. Discover their story: watch the videos below!

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Dominique de Cooman (Dropsolid) talking about his experiences with Cumul.io

From visualizing sales data to a company-wide, data-driven strategy

As a Teamleader user, Dropsolid got in touch with Cumul.io to get a better view on their sales pipeline. They were in need of a tool to analyze their pipeline with more detail: make forecasts, pinpoint & optimize bottlenecks,… In Cumul.io, they could easily connect their sales data from Teamleader, and create the dashboards they needed. But soon enough, Dominique saw that there was more potential to the platform:

I tried to figure out the dashboarding myself, and I got quite far with it. Then Bruno gave me an onboarding, and now we’re building dashboards for everything: our operations teams are working with it, we do financial reporting,…

At Dropsolid, Cumul.io is a central hub for data. It allows them to visualize áll the data that was flowing around in their business. They don’t have to deal with fragmented data anymore. Now, they can easily connect all their insights together, in one powerful platform.

Empowering teams by giving back responsibility

What started out as a dashboarding tool for sales, quickly grew to become an ‘enabler’ across the organization. Dominique shares the top 3 achievements Cumul.io made possible for his company:

  1. Give back responsibility to the teams at Dropsolid
  2. Structure & optimize their complex sales pipeline
  3. Make better operational decisions by tracking profitability of their product lines

Watch the video below, where Dominique further explains how they achieved their goals, through the use of Cumul.io.

As Dominique mentions, sharing the insights across the organization has been a blessing for the company:

By opening up all the data, we could give the data back to our teams. The biggest achievement for me was that we could give back responsibility. This meant that the employees in the team felt the empowerment that they are in control, and that they are driving a self-sufficient team.

“I could see the potential, ánd I could do it myself”

So, what was the critical success factor that made Dropsolid choose for Cumul.io? For Dominique, the user-friendly interface and easy onboarding were crucial:

Next to the internal use, Dropsolid has bigger plans with Cumul.io. They have been using the API, which allowed them to go even further, and build in the dashboards into their own products. In that way, they can share the empowerment they felt with their own customers. This perfectly matches with their vision to help businesses in their digital transformation.

Finally, Dominique reaches out to like-minded professionals:

I think every business owner that wants to have control over his data and wants to give the data to the teams should consider using a tool like Cumul.io. Especially companies with different product lines, and with a complexity that is difficult to manage without the data.

Want to know which value your company can gain out of its data? We’re more than happy to look into the possibilities, together with you. Just drop us a line, and we’ll get in touch.

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