#MeetTheTeam: How Mahindra found her way to Cumul.io

The Cumul.io team is growing! In the past week, we happily welcomed 2 new colleagues at Cumul.io. We’ll give them both the chance to introduce themselves. First up: Mahindra! Read the story of why she chose for Cumul.io below. A recap in her own words: “I love the match!”

It is very interesting for me to work at Cumul.io, and you’ll soon find out why. In fact, there are two things you can wake me up at night for. One of them is to help others achieve their goals, and the other is to analyze situations to find a solution. Is that strange? Well, maybe or maybe not!

Who am I?

Let me introduce myself, then things will get clearer. I’m Mahindra, I have a master in Sociology and a passion as life coach. I have more than 5 years experience in customer care and support. My mission in life is to help people, customers, companies, organizations achieve their goals, by using their information or data to get insight in where they are now, in relation to where they want to be. Are you still with me?

Good, because then you’ll see why my passion led me to Cumul.io. Cumul.io helps people, businesses, organizations to get insights in their data in the easiest way you could ever imagine. You don’t need to know how to code to have the insights right inside your dashboards. And my job here will be to help our clients achieve this goal. Do you see the match?

Welcome Mahindra!

Following my passion!

Working at Cumul.io in customer success and inside sales means following my passion of helping others achieve their goals, each and every day again. With that being said, I feel obliged to do a shout-out to everyone who wants to grow in business: “In order to grow, it is very important to collect data in the right way and use the insights to plan your road ahead.”

Data-driven decision making is the fuel to keep the engine of every business running in the competitive commercial landscape. However, it would make me a bad sociologist if I didn’t mention these 3 conditions:

  1. Know which information you are looking for – which insight do you need (what)
  2. Know the key points when collecting data – how, who, where, when, why
  3. Use the right tool to get these insights – I’ve heard that Cumul.io is a great tool 😉

Mahindra working on her first dashboards

Why this shout-out?

There are still too many companies out there which take decisions based purely on intuitions and thoughts. By making decisions based on data, you don’t only win time but it also gives you a route to follow to grow the success of your company. You’ll have a head start, compared to your competitors.

Imagine getting all of this, without needing technical skills. That makes me enthusiastic about Cumul.io. You don’t need to know any code to get things on. And in addition to that, would you still need any additional help, I’m here for you! To guide you through the steps from uploading your data, creating your dashboards and helping you to share with your colleagues and co-workers. This all belongs to my daily tasks.  

I would love to be of your support. Remember, you can even wake me up at night for it. But of course, with a good night rest & a nice cup of tea, I’ll be able to help you twice as well in the morning! 🙂


Welcome to the team, Mahindra! We’re all very happy to have you on board!

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