Improve your customer support with Zendesk dashboards

Happy customers are the key to a successful business. But it’s not always easy to meet the customer’s demands: we all expect excellent service from every company we buy from. So, as a business, how do you guarantee great customer service, and a seamless experience?

How good is your customer service?

The road to efficient customer support

Your customer support team needs to respond to many customer requests: whether it’s a simple question, a task, a complaint or a problem. Help desk tools such as Zendesk are great to manage and split the work between colleagues.

But there’s much more you can unlock from all that information in Zendesk. Have you ever asked yourself one of the following questions?

  • What’s the average time to resolve a request? How can we lower it?
  • Are there key reasons why our customers aren’t satisfied?
  • How are different employees handling different support tasks?
  • Are there signals that show our customers might churn?

To get an answer to such questions, customer support dashboards are highly useful. You’ll be able to take action more efficiently. In this article, we’ll discuss 4 types of dashboards that build happy clients!

Connect your Zendesk data to

4 basic customer support dashboards

Do more with your Zendesk data. By monitoring the right data, you’ll be able to optimize your internal operations & communicate better with clients. We’ll discuss 4 levels on which you can gain more insights:

1. General overview of customer support

This dashboard functions as a basic, go-to dashboard for managers & teams. It keeps everyone up-to-date and aligned on the latest status. Monitor KPIs such as:

  • Total number of open tickets
  • Tickets by status (open, pending, resolved, closed)
  • Tickets per type (question, complaint, bug,…)
  • Average resolution time (per ticket type)
  • Average satisfaction score

Pro tip: Set targets, e.g. “maximum of X open tickets”, “resolution time below X minutes”,… to keeps your team involved & motivated.

Play around with the example dashboard below!

2. External: insights on customer level

Understand which type of support individual customers need. A useful dashboard for client teams to work together & gain deeper insights into their customer’s needs. You can get started with the same metrics as in the general dashboard, but broaden with extra charts such as:

  • Comparing metrics to similar clients
  • Comparing metrics to overall average
  • Top ticket solvers per client
  • Response time & satisfaction score per ticket solver
  • Evolution over time

You’ll understand which type of requests are most common for each client, which team member has the best skills to respond to a specific client, and more. Monitor the impact of changes or improvements over time.

Zendesk dashboard for measuring support of individual customers

3. Internal: support team performance

Get a grip on how your team works best. A great tool for team-leads or upper management to better assign tasks, based on strengths and weaknesses within the team. Include charts such as:

  • Avg. resolution time per employee (split by ticket type)
  • Number of tickets currently assigned to each employee
  • Satisfaction score per employee

You’ll understand at a glance how to plan your workforce, so that every colleague can use his talents to the full potential. For example, some employees might be great bug-fixers. Others may take longer, but are great communicators to answer the questions of your customers. Plan accordingly! Filter out the data for a single employee, or evaluate performance on team level.

Measure your team's performance based on your Zendesk data

4. Customer retention dashboards

The happier your customers, the higher their loyalty to your brand. Customer retention is influenced by many factors, but of course: good support plays a crucial role. Monitor how support influences customer retention with the following metrics:

  • Avg. number of support tickets before churn
  • Evolution of support tickets in time per churned customer
  • Avg. satisfaction score
  • Compare existing customers vs. churn

Discover red flags that indicate that a customer might churn. It enables you to take the right actions to prevent your customer from churning.

Customer retention dashboards

Build your first Zendesk dashboard

Customer support takes time & effort. When something goes wrong or raises questions, the customer relies on you. But the more insights you have, the better you can offer the service your customer needs.

Are you interested to do more with your support data? Start a free trial and connect your Zendesk account in minutes! Working with different tools? Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll help you get started!

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