4 dashboards every business needs

Make better decisions thanks to your data

When you’re running a business, things change every 10 minutes. But if you understand exactly what’s happening in your organization, you can turn any change into an opportunity. Now, how do you stay on top of your business?

For entrepreneurs, business dashboards are indispensable. They equip you with a simple overview of all your key metrics, in real time. So, when things take an unexpected turn, all the information you need is right there. You’ll be able to assess the situation in minutes, and take the right actions based on live data.

Here are 4 dashboards your business can’t do without. With these partners in crime, you’ll never have to make the wrong decision again!

1. Cash flow & finance

Needless to say that having a financial dashboard is crucial. You need to know at every single moment if your company is ‘healthy’. With a finance dashboard, you can easily keep track of positive and negative changes in your cash flow. Identify & solve issues before they even become a real problem.

The risks of sloppy financial management can be fatal to your company. So, consider this dashboard as one of your top priorities. Track metrics such as:

  • Current cash flow, including forecasts
  • Total revenue & revenue growth
  • Run Rate

Connect financial services such as Stripe, accounting software, or a database with all your financial information. For more tips, read our article on how to build a solid financial report or check out the example dashboard below.

2. Project management dashboards

Any project requires thorough planning. Whether it’s a large, complex project with many people involved, or just a simple follow-up. In addition, you need to get insights into the course of a project. What’s running smoothly? Where are you losing most time? What’s costing more than expected?

Keep track of any project in a simple dashboard. Connect data from project management tools like Asana or Teamleader to analyze for example:

  • Time tracking of projects
  • Total amount invoiced/not invoiced
  • Planned value vs. actual cost
  • Number of open or completed tasks

Try filtering down in the time tracking dashboard with data from Teamleader below.

3. Sales & marketing performance

Growing your business involves targeted marketing and a solid sales strategy. If you really want to scale your customer base, set up a dashboard to track the funnel from awareness to closing the deal.

You’ll be able to spot in minutes what’s driving leads & sales, and what’s costing you more money than bringing return. Optimize what’s working well to drive more growth in your business. Keep track of the whole funnel:

  • Traffic generation performance
  • Landing page conversion rate
  • Lead-to-customer conversion rate
  • Deal value
  • Average sales cycle

Connect your data from Google Analytics, social media and other sources to monitor marketing activities. To keep track of the sales funnel, connect directly to Teamleader, Salesforce, or any other CRM system.

To get some inspiration, explore the sales trends dashboard below!

4. Customer support dashboards

Your top funnel is important. But don’t forget to keep your existing customers happy! Decrease the risk of churn, and reinforce your sales & marketing with happy clients as ambassadors.

Analyze the feedback you get from your customers, and track how well you’re serving them.  Monitor KPIs such as:

  • Number of open support tickets
  • Satisfaction score, NPS score,…
  • Number of questions/issues per product or feature
  • Product and feature usage, evolution in usage

In Cumul.io, you can easily load data from customer support tools like ZenDesk, or even analyze your own platform’s statistics. Check out a ZenDesk example dashboard below:

Get started today!

To cope with change, you need to be right on top of it. With these 4 dashboards, you’ll always be one step ahead. Excited to start building dashboards yourself? Start your free Cumul.io trial today, and gain your first insights!

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