New financial charts in!

We’ve added 3 brand new chart types to! Great news for all the finance professionals out there: we also added 2 financial charts, which will make your lives a lot easier. Let’s explore what’s new!

Candlestick chart

Financial charts: candlestick chart

Candlestick charts offer valuable insights to financial analysts and traders. They show the movements of the market, stocks, currencies, etcetera. It enables any financial decision-maker to make the right choice at the right moment, which is crucial in the financial sector.

Financial charts like these help you understand fluctuations in the market at a glance. You can easily spot trends in seasonality, and compare the ratios between opening and closing price in a specific time frame, thanks to the size of the boxes.

Check out a demo version of the financial charts, which visualizes data from Netflix’s stock prices.

Open-high-low-close chart

Financial charts: open-high-low-close chart

Open-high-low-close chart… that’s a mouth full, but its use is quite straight-forward. These financial charts illustrate the movements in price of a financial instrument. Basically, it visualizes the same data as the Candlestick chart, but there is a slight difference in usage.

Candlestick charts are most useful if you need to track the “live” price movements. Because the “body” typically moves with each change, it’s easier to grasp changes in real-time, and analyze dynamic data.

Open-high-low-close charts are great for analyzing static, historical data. The tick marks on the left (opening price) and right (closing price) eliminate any possible confusion. You can easily spot when opening price was lower than closing price, or vice versa.

In this demo dashboard, you’ll find a visualization of historical stock data from Google as an example.

Pyramid chart

Pyramid chart

The last chart we added is not exclusively financial, but useful to anyone! Want to know which customers are buying your product? Men or women? Which age group? Pyramid charts are great for visualizing the composition of populations. If you need more insights into the demographics of your clients or leads, this is the chart type you need!

Split out your customers by age and gender. Analyze the split for specific products and services, so you can understand better how different segments buy and interact with your brand, and optimize marketing strategies accordingly.

Besides, this chart type is especially interesting to use in scientific or market research, as well as for governmental studies and statistics. As they often deal with lots of demographic data, it will help them understand the ratios at a glance.

Get started with these new charts right away! Sign in to your account, or start a free trial to build your first dashboard!

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