How Forganiser keeps track of workforce planning with

The hospitality sector is known for its friendly atmosphere. It was no different when we went to De Serre to visit one of our customers: Forganiser!

Forganiser is an online staff planning tool. It allows companies to easily find, plan and pay flexible workforces. Managing all that personnel comes with a lot of data. Therefore, they integrated into their platform. In this way, their customers gain more insights into their flexible workforces, and Forganiser gets better insights from their people placement.


White-labeled dashboards inside the app

Forganiser tracks billed hours per customer, per workforce, payments, and much more. allows them to present all that information to their customers, in a fully white-labeled dashboard.

Using as an embedded BI platform has had many advantages for Forganiser. First of all, end-users of their platform can check their personal dashboard in real-time, directly inside the Forganiser app. Secondly, Forganiser doesn’t have to waste time on manual reporting. Rather, they have 1 ‘master dashboard’ that is filtered automatically, based on the user that is logged in.

Innovating faster at Forganiser

Camil Verheecke, former Business Development Manager at Forganiser, explains how has helped them to innovate, while not wasting time on development:

“We considered to develop the dashboards ourselves, but in the end we decided not to. Instead, we connected our data from our API to, and integrated their dashboard module in our application. This gave us the opportunity to focus on our core value – simplifying people placement – and not waste time on developing dashboards.”

Watch the full video below:

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