#MeetTheTeam: Mieke joins Cumul.io

The Cumul.io team is growing! This week, we’ve been pleased to welcome Mieke as our brand-new digital marketer. She will join us on our mission to democratize data intelligence. As we’re just getting to know her, we’d like you to meet her too!

Hi there, nice to virtually meet you!

Cumul.ioI’m Mieke, a 23-year-old who’s determined to bring some girl power to Cumul.io! In my spare time, I love to travel and spend time with friends. At work, you can ask me anything about digital marketing or storytelling. I have a strong passion for growth and data intelligence. Coincidence? Let me explain a bit more.

I used to work for a very data-driven company. With tons of marketing data available, I was in charge of analyzing and optimizing campaigns. We gradually managed to decrease marketing costs and increase the number of leads. It made me understand the importance of data-driven marketing.

However, I also realized the difficulties that go with it. Having all of that data available, that’s one thing. Gaining valuable business insights from them, that’s a completely different thing. When business pressure is high, the need for those insights is even higher. Often, businessmen have no clue how to start swimming in that pool of data, causing them to drown.

As a non-technical person, I realized that a simple tool to visualize your data helps you understand your data so much better. It enabled me to generate insights that are of value to the business, instead of creating purely numerical reports.

This is exactly why I joined Cumul.io. I want to help companies become data-driven. My mission is to make people aware that data intelligence can be easy for everyone.

Are you curious how Mieke will try to accomplish that mission at Cumul.io? Read on, and get a sneak peek into her first days at the company!

MON (1)Monday: I arrived – a little bit nervous – at 9h30, and was welcomed warmly by the team. During the onboarding, I got a full view on the company: their evolution from past to present, their approach for the future, and what my tasks will be within that framework.


Tuesday: A deep-dive into the product. I learned how to work with Cumul.io: creating dashboards, uploading and linking datasets,… I spent all day building dashboards to evaluate the marketing KPIs. Huh, is it 17h30 already? Where did time go 🙂

MONWednesday: I finalized the marketing dashboards, and used them to gather some first insights, which I wrote down as action points to work on in the coming weeks. I also worked on a new blogpost to introduce myself. Hope you enjoyed reading it!

We’re looking forward to working together with Mieke. We’re excited to have an extra hand, helping our customers to become truly data-driven.

Take the next step towards being data-driven

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