Why you should put your dashboards on display


“Scientia potentia est – knowledge is power”. And there is no greater knowledge than that of real-time business information that you and everyone else in your company can readily see. Therefore, put your dashboards on display in a highly visible section of your office. It will equip you with the tools you need to soar above your competition.


Being data-driven is no longer optional, but a necessity in the modern business world. It is crucial for personnel at all levels of the organisation to have access to actionable data in their constant line of sight:

Think of the manager who needs to rely on cold, hard facts to make a difficult decision, to the digital marketer who can view the click rate of her latest social media marketing campaign, to the anxious salesperson who knows he is that much closer to hitting his monthly KPIs after closing a deal.

A TV dashboard display would give clear, actionable data that the viewer can interpret quickly and effectively, which translates into better business decisions that help the organisation on the whole.

productivity boost cumulio

Instead of waiting for end-of-month performance reviews and appraisals to gauge one’s performance, a dashboard TV display showing individual performance levels would allow viewers to have a sense of where they stand – and to buck up if they are trailing behind.


Moreover, studies have shown that monetary rewards do not motivate employees as much. In fact, being recognised among peers and superiors for doing good work ranks as one of the highest motivators in stimulating productivity. With the dashboard TV display, every little win will be proudly on display!

time is money cumulio
As the saying goes, time is money and spending less time routinely preparing and generating reports and more time on reviewing them and deciding the optimal course of action will enable your organisation to grow even quicker.

time-is-money-cumulioTherefore, instead of pouring over a hundred Excel spreadsheets with thousands of data records and then figuring out how to link different data-sets together into one coherent piece, having a dashboard TV display will enable you to do exactly that, with a mere fraction of the hassle.

Interested in having your own dashboard TV display? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we can help you get started, and reap the above benefits immediately!

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