Feature Highlight: Lat/Lon Coordinates Support & WebGL rendering!

WebGL map visualization!

We’ve added a major update to our geographic visualizations! Use this new technology in your dashboard and make your insights even more visually appealing! What’s more? This cutting edge technology allows for continuous zoom, sharper images, … and an improved performance in general.


This is an animated example of the Hexbin map. Other maps that have been updated with this technology are the choropleth map, the symbol map and the marker map.

  • Choropleth maps

  • Marker maps

  • Symbol maps

Interested in these brand new map features? Activate them in the ‘advanced’ settings of your map object.

Lat/Lon Coordinates

You can now also use latitude and longitude data to create coordinates for your symbol maps, route maps, heat maps… You can easily create your coordinates in the databoard so go find them there and visualize your spatial trends!


Interested in these brand new features? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration or try them out yourself!

Discover the new features!

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