Take a look at our new features!

We know it’s been a while since we’ve shared our last update. But luckily, we’ve been busy implementing new features and web integrations. Today, we’re very excited to present to you:

Styling and themes

We’ve listened to your feedback and added styles and themes where you can switch from one theme to another in a simple click. Add a personal touch to your dashboard by creating a custom theme or simply choose one of the
pre-defined themes. Go check it out in the dashboard settings!


Viewer accounts

Securely share your insights with colleagues or customers! Add viewer accounts to your organisation and manage what data or dashboards are accessible for which viewers. Managing permissions has never been easier! This feature is on demand, so drop us a line!


How about sharing insights with your customers in a familiar environment? No problem! With our new white-label features you can easily add your company logo, colors and personalized login screen. Get in touch for a demonstration!

white labeling 2

Dependent filters

Customize your dashboard’s interactivity even more by selecting which charts and objects are affected by your interactive filters. Just click on the filter’s settings and (de)select other dashboard items to create perfect experiences for your viewers!nalized login screen. Get in touch for a demonstration!

Dependent Filters

LAT/LON coordinates support

We’ve added a major update for geographic visualizations. You can now use latitude and longitude data to create coordinates for your symbol maps, route maps, heat maps,… . You can easily create your coordinates in the databoard so go find them there and visualize your spatial trends!


New web integrations


Keep track of your invoices, payments, subscriptions and customers by connecting your Stripe data! Visualize your monthly recurring revenue and closely monitor the incoming payments for your company!


Monitor your Support and Ticket progress with our new Zendesk integration! Create dashboards for internal use; or project them on a monitor to constantly motivate your team to perform better!

Sounds like something for you? Try them out and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions or feedback!

Try out the new features!

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