One year into our journey 🚀

Exactly one year ago, we founded with the promise to democratize data intelligence! Today our platform is heavily used and empowers business users to explore their data themselves and build stunning interactive dashboards that they can share with their team, clients and/or the world. And this in minutes and without writing a single line of code!

Team party

Having a large track record in business intelligence and data visualization, Haroen and I were frustrated with the fact that projects involving data analysis & dashboarding typically took several months before the first dashboards even appeared and that in this process, people on the business side were hardly involved. This needed to improve and we both had a good idea on how to achieve this. Our mission was (and still is) to enable rich data analysis in an easy way.

Company Take-off

After a first ideation phase in March 2014 we started the development of our cloud platform. After several months of development, in October 2015, the time was right to incorporate. And exactly one year ago we founded! Thanks to the feedback of several early adopters, our platform continuously grew stronger and stronger. Since then, analysts from over 200 organizations and companies were active on We reinforced the team with Thomas and Bruno to be even stronger on the commercial and customer-oriented side.


Accelerating to orbital speed

During our take-off and ongoing acceleration, we were supported by numerous initiatives and collected valuable advice from talented mentors. We successfully completed the growth phase of ‘Telenet Kickstart, powered by Idealabs’, we were selected for the ‘iMinds/Imec iStart’ accelerator program and joined Netwerk Ondernemen and Bryo/Voka. We even got the chance to bring our story to New York City, where we gave an extensive presentation of our vision and product to potential American customers and investors.

Spacecraft improvements

Over the last 12 months, we released an astonishing 340 different product versions, almost one tested release per day. For example, you’re now able to:

  • Blend data across you Salesforce, Teamleader, Mailchimp & Google analytics accounts, for supreme customer & sales insights
  • Instantly filter across dozens of features and thousands of rows with the ‘parallel coordinates’ chart
  • Seamlessly integrate dashboards within your SaaS-product, so you’re able to immediately launch powerful analytics features to your clients
  • Live-link into your databases to have dashboards that are up-to-date to the millisecond

Most importantly, we relentlessly optimized and simplified our user experience, bringing us ever closer to our ultimate mission: democratizing data intelligence.

Galactic gratitude

We’d like to thank our clients & partners for their continuous confidence, support and insights. Stick around for year 2 which promises to be at least as exciting and keep an eye on your (physical) mailbox for a token of our gratitude!

Not a client yet but want to hop on board? Explore our plans!

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