New Teamleader integration!

For quite some time, Teamleader is the Belgian solution for CRM, sales, invoicing and project management. We at recently joined their list of enthusiastic users. But there’s more…

Just like our customers, we want a clear and up-to-date overview on our business processes. Since Teamleader organizes an important part of our customer follow-up, an integration between our two platforms was inevitable.

But what does this integration actually do?

Structured Teamleader data is securely stored and held up to date to be used in the platform. This data can be combined with other data sources, such as Google Analytics, local files, internal databases or even with open data on demography, climate or geography. Next, you can design stunning dashboards which bring insights from your data. These dashboards even allow you to monitor your processes, as the integration makes sure the data is always up to date.


How can you set-up the integration?

In Teamleader, under Settings > API & Webhooks, you can find two secret codes: your API group ID and your secret API key. If these codes are not visible for you, just ask your Teamleader’s organization administrator. Copy paste the two codes in the integration page, select the datasets you’d like to upload and specify the refresh frequency. That’s it!


Sounds interesting? Try it yourself and register for a free trial account!

Not a Teamleader user yet? Apply for a Teamleader trial here.


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